Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tackling the bookcase...

Lilacs from a friend.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher have decided they don't have room for the large bookcase (which resides in his former bedroom) in their townhouse so I'm claiming it for my own.   I warned him it may not be available when they move into a house and he understands.  After all, it was originally in my bedroom.  :)

This means boxing up most of his books.  I'm going to keep his favorites and classics on bottom shelves since he does come home for those quite often.  I will also be sorting through all the college notebooks which now reside precariously on top of the bookcase.  I figure I'll put the papers into their own box for him to peruse someday.

This is my new rainy day project when I can't get outside to tackle the veggies, flora, and fauna.   We had a thunderstorm come through last night and sprinkles off and on this morning.  So much for planting veggie and herb seeds this morning but perhaps the soil will dry out enough by the afternoon.  I can't wait until everything is planted and growing.

I haven't budgeted any flowers, yet... but I'm thinking of staying with the yellow, red, and blue theme on the deck and perhaps just red geraniums by the porch.  My two very favorite garden looks are "a wild English garden" (which Hubby hates) or simply red geraniums in terra cotta planters (which he likes).

Speaking of Hubby... he's going to be working on a project this afternoon so I am going to take over use the computer to start Saturday's and perhaps Sunday's posts.  At least if I get a good start, it will be easy to fill in the remainder when I can hop on the computer (not literally mind you) from time to time.  One hopes...


La Tea Dah said...

I still have books from my boys in our bookcases as well. I think I like books nearly as much as you do, which means there is never enough bookcase for the books. I've boxed some of them up --- but then wonder where to put the boxes. They've sold a lot of their books --- but the son who collects antique books --- hangs on to them --- and I hate to put them in boxes --- so they sit on the bookshelf. Such problems in life, eh? If only they would all be so insignificant.

Happy day to you!
Gracious Hospitality

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I have started book collections for my kids, so those will follow them to their homes one day.

I am tired of weeding already! We weren't going to do mulch since the cottage garden in front of the house was going to have to be relocated but that is on hold for now. So we need to do mulch!

I like the wild English Garden look - mostly I like to have flowers to cut and to look nice outside.

Good thing you and hubby like those red geraniums!


Vee said...

I'm glad that I followed Deanna so I could find the answer to a question I'd wondered about...if her garden was going to be moves.

I'm keeping it as simple as I can this year waiting for sales or something. The seeds I planted failed.

Also working on bookshelves and releasing books. My son took off with a number of my books some years ago and I rounded them back up. Stupid me. Now I'm hoping that he'll want them back.