Deepening the Pantry


As I mentioned in About Me, I started writing online for an Emergency Preparedness forum in the 1990s.  I have long had a passion for the subject of the pantry and "deepening the pantry".  Both my mother and mother-in-law went through the Depression (hubby and I were each born when our mothers were older) as well as having grown up on farms.  They both always had a pantry in their homes.

Although I am no longer able to keep a very deep pantry due to our fixed income, it is still a priority to purchase a little extra for the pantry when possible.  The pantry is not only insurance we can eat, it has been invaluable to us when we went through job loss and my husband's illness.

I've been asked if I am Mormon... no, but they do have great information about deepening the pantry.  :)

I write about the pantry in a few different ways... Stocking Up and Pantry Talk will often contain the same posts but each does have individual posts, too.   I wrote a series called How I Stock Up, which has its' own archives to give readers a kind of "play by play" of how I have deepened the pantry in the past.

If you scroll down the blog, there is a section called Deepening the Pantry links on the sidebar.  Most of them are links to outside websites and articles which contain information about stocking up, simpler living, gardening, and preparing for emergencies.

As with all the archive links, those below contain years worth of information which begin with the most recent post and continues to the beginning.  When you come to the bottom of each page, you will find the Older Post option... click on it to continue reading.

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