Sunday Afternoon Tea

I began writing the Sunday Afternoon Tea posts very soon after I started blogging.

 My inspiration was the Sunday afternoon teas which Edith Schaeffer writes about in her books.  It was a time of talking about the things of the Lord while enjoying tea and and tea time food.

The discussions were led by her husband, Francis Schaeffer.

Sunday Afternoon Tea posts are about those things for which I am passionate. 

I wanted a Place... one where we could meet and I'd share my spiritual ponderings of the week (most of the time).  I admit to dipping into my literary ponderings once in awhile, too.  Not to mention my passion for the subject of home and homemaking.  :)

The Sunday Afternoon Tea archives can be found by going... here.  They begin with the latest Sunday post and continue to the beginning.  When you come to the end of the page, you will be given the Older Posts option to click on to continue.