Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

My "use immediately" box has worked great!

Unfortunately this week's pantry post has to be brief.  I've "hopped on" the computer for only a few minutes as today has been busy for the computer's real owner.

However, we did make a quick trip to the store for the additional soil and compost needed for two of the raised beds (those which missed out on our own compost).  Now I only need to plant the lettuces and green beans.  I'll tucky in a few more herbs if there is room.

Yes, the lettuce is being planted very late this year but I'm going to try to grow it in the raised bed that gets partial shade.  Hopefully that will keep that part of the garden a little cool.  That's where I used to grow kale every summer.

Growing at home can save a lot of money!  I do hope they turn out better this year.

As far as my pantry... this week's "running out of" did give me something to write about.  When we have a little extra, we try to purchase items we know we will need seasonally such as the filters for our well.  Thankfully, they are waiting won the shelf, waiting to be changed next week.

However, we had no backups for the battery in the smoke alarm this time (you know how they start chirping like a bird?), or the over-the-counter florescent light that decided it had worked long enough, or the AA batteries I've already mentioned.

I haven't been good about keeping a priority list of such non-food items.  The filters for the well were on my husband's priority list so they had been budgeted for and purchased.  I've been very, very lax about such things.

So I've once again started a non-food list of seasonal items, as well as those purchases we know come about once a year such as the florescent light.  

Sometimes these Saturday posts truly are "don't do what I do but what I suggest" (or otherwise known as learning from my mistakes).  ;)


Anonymous said...

I have a little notebook that opens like a book I keep in my purse. I write our 'needs' list of the things we need to get here and there when out on post it notes and put it in the book and redo them when needed. I keep a list for all the major types of stores we go to. In the book written permanently are the measurements of windows or prices I need to remember etc so when going to used stores I have these important measurements. Also lists of books or clothes sizes and such we are looking for! I also keep the list of the filters and such we need so that when that time comes and we can get them I have that information too! It sure has saved us buying the wrong size many a time! :) I put a sticky on the refrigerator to write down the things I run out of as I cook etc. Then they are quickly transferred onto the store list in the notebook. ..course this little sticky note has to be PUT into the notebook in the purse!! Ask me how many times I forget this step!!!! No one on earth is perfect...we can only try!! :-) Sarah

Vee said...

I really like the idea of a "use it soon" box and have pinned it hoping that it will remind me to get cracking. I have started adding dates on refrigerator items so they don't go too long. Ever since my sweet auntie suffering with Alzheimer's became sick from eating the long out of date mayo...Accckkk. I know what you mean about the non-grocery items that chew up my grocery budget. One can't eat a fluorescent bulb!

Anonymous said...

Get the smoke detector batteries even if you have to skimp on something else. They could save your life someday.

mdoe37 said...

Thanks for a little nudge. I've been neglecting the battery thing and the black out box for a while. I need to take inventory of the blackout box -- candles, flashlights, radio -- to make sure they are ready to go in case of a power outage. They seem to creep out of the box and don't return home. (hmmm) When the power goes out, I like to be able to just grab the box and set it on the couter -- no fumbling in the dark.

Which leads to the battery box -- after checking all the batteries in the above mentioned -- I'm sure I'll need to purchase a few more.

I also have a couple of propane lanterns if things go on for a while. I know I have plenty of 1# bottles for those. I do have regular oil lamps and a bit of oil aside, but I probably should add more oil to the reserves. I'll admit I've never used them and really don't know much about them -- I'll make a point to look for a tutorial on youtube.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The running out of batteries thing has happened to me so many times. Seems like everything needs a battery these days!

I like Sarah's idea of keeping a little notebook in my purse.