Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening and links...

My herb garden before cleaning and weeding a few days ago.  :)
I can't believe how it went from really cold to blazing hot here within 1 1/2 days!  I've only been able to work in the garden just a little at a time, having not become acclimated to the high temperatures.

However, hubby was able to dig up two wheelbarrow loads of compost from the compost pile we let sit (covered) through last year.  I put some of the compost in the bed where my tomatoes were planted this morning and the other half in the raised bed where my green beans will be planted tomorrow.

The entire second wheelbarrow of compost went into the "new" square raised bed we built two years ago.  It never had enough soil in it so this year it was given an extra special amount, all its' own.  I've planted herbs in it, wanting to extend my herb garden.

I'll have pictures soon.  If I remember to get AA batteries (yes, I used all my extras without purchasing a backup package).  I'll get voted out of the Pantry Union for something that simple.

Here are the links I really enjoyed this week.  Two are about gardening and the other is from my daughter's blog and how she has been "decorating by tweaking".  :)

Stephanie's living room looked pretty before but I love the changes she made... here.  They reflect so much of her personality and what she enjoys.

Manuela has long provided an inspiration for my garden and I've learned so much from her through the years.  Especially how to have a beautiful garden on a budget.  Which is what this post is all about... here.

I also read another wonderful garden post titled Grow the 7 most profitable vegetables in your garden.  Since we did not extend the garden this year, I had to give up the space I usually grow kale to add additional herbs but this post made me glad I did.  You can find that link... here.

Enjoy reading them!  Now I must check up on the onions I have caramelizing in the iron skillet.  Something I normally would not do while on the computer but I needed to accomplish both tasks at once.  I don't smell anything burning.  So far...


Vee said...

Going with a salad garden myself this year in the raised bed and tomatoes may not be bothered with. Not enough sun for them. Manuela always has great gardening suggestions. Enjoyed seeing what your daughter did in her living room...looks great! I hope some of this warmth you speak of is heading our way. It's been very chilly for days.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We enjoy growing lettuce and spinach and beans, etc...

I like Stephanie's changes. Sometimes those tweaks are just the thing!

I loved Manuela's post too!