Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

We were without Internet service all day yesterday (and most of last night it seems).  So I wasn't able to write an actual Saturday post.

Instead I'm including some links today I thought you might be interested in:

My favorite canned apple pie filling... here.

A delicious cranberry-strawberry jam called Christmas Jam... here

I thought this was an interesting preparedness post about 38 Essential Must Have Kitchen Items... here.

Happy Reading!

Picture:  Apron Girls


Vee said...

I was going to sweetly suggest that you'd left the apples out of your recipe when I realized that I hadn't read it thoroughly. Lots of good tips. Guess that today I have everything I need to survive except for some really good knives and peanut oil.

Your header is marvelous!

mdoe37 said...

Goodness, that apple filling is easy enough. The ones I've always seen call for heating the whole mess up (hassle). I like easy!! And yours is!! We have a dozen apple trees out back. . . and not one apple this year due to frost. I'll pick up a few and try this.

My canning stuff is out (ok I never really put it away sheesh)from doing a batch of great northern beans (easy and have you seen the price of Randalls in the store!?!)

Anonymous said...

I saw this list just recently myself. The blog I was on said they preferred the Swing Away brand can opener as it did open the #10 cans as they seem to have higher edge. Some other brands she tried could not open these cans. She said to try your can opener to be sure it did!! She said they cost $12 a lot of places but Ace Hardware had them for $9. I believe I saw this mentioned on living I want to thank you again Brenda for your research and information. It is so helpful and kind of you to share them. Sarah

Chenille Cottage said...

This is such a nice post. I just love the vintage aprons you have featured in your photo. I am an apron gal...I love giving them for gifts, wearing them and designing them to sew.
Your blog is a bright spot...I, too, am a sojourner in the faith...wanting to honor God in all I do and say.
Blessings to you,