Thursday, October 04, 2012

A little more of my home...

Red and yellow from the kitchen.

Here are a few more scenes from my house on October 1st.   The last day of the pictures for awhile.  Next week I hope to have ready a long promised homeschooling post.

Oh, by the way... yes, Miss Victoria did find the balls of yarn before I stuffed them deeper into the basket.  The results were so funny that she was not reprimanded.

Instead she was miffed that I had to rescue Her Queenliness with scissors.  I did not ask her how she got so tangled up in the yarn that she could not move her back paws.  That was punishment enough for doing what comes naturally to a cat, I guess.

My friend, Sally Clarkson, mentioned she has set up an area for tea in her special space.  I thought that a wonderful idea so I copied it.  :)

Right now my desk is set up for an autumnal tea.

The gorgeous felted flower was a gift from my friend, Heather.*
I adore the shape of this teapot.
I have added it to my Amazon widget since so many readers have asked about it.

A few more seasonal cookbooks placed in my kitchen basket.

I recently added back the candle Christopher bought me for Christmas.

I love to use unframed artwork in special ways.  You know the one shown above?  It is actually the lid of a box!

No kidding... the hunter green box it used to be attached to now holds the remotes in my family room.

It looks like canvas, doesn't it?   It is a print on wood from a box purchased at a thrift shop.

I love this little oil painting on stretched canvas, purchased for a dollar years ago at a thrift shop.

This little oil painting was only 49 cents at Goodwill.

I gave my rosemary plant a haircut... doesn't this herb look like sculpture?

I love having my special pretties in My Room, like my tea time friend here.  :)

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour from one day in my home.

* Heather's Etsy shop can be found... here.  My "flower" will soon be on my winter coat.  Her work is beautiful.


Judy said...

The oil painting 'robin in the window by the geranium pots' is especially delightful. Thanks for sharing your cosy space again.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Oh Brenda! I feel as if we just had a visit together in your home. I have a blogging friend coming for dinner tonight with her family! So exciting!

I love that box lid - it does look like its on canvas!

And your tea space is lovely, too!


Vee said...

I'm popping by for tea... Ha! I knew it! I knew that Victoria would get into the yarn, but I had no idea that she'd get that balled up in it. =D

The teapot! I want one! Putting it on my wish list didn't get me one so I'll have to take matters into my own hands.

Anonymous said...

I love the bear with the teacup. She looks like all she needs is a T.V. to watch.

Connie said...

So many pretties given to second-hand shops that people like you and I can purchase and enjoy. Love it!

Go For It Creations and Designs said...

Very pretty!

I was so hoping to see a picture of your kitty wrapped in yarn. :)

Nanna said...

I love to go through Antique shops , you can alwasy find just the righ thing to make you smile, loved seeing your treasures

Front Porch Grace said...

Been busy and missing your blog. LOVE the new header. I love fall. Look forward to catching up!


Anonymous said...

Your room is looking really pretty. The tea area in it is a lovely idea. I would love to have seen Victoria all tangled up in the yarn! Aren't pets great? My dogs make me laugh every day, too. In fact, I have been told not to laugh and play with them so much, because it encourages (one of) them to be very naughty! Not saying which one, Darcy...