Saturday, April 24, 2021

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - What's lacking in the pantry

I don't have as much time to write today as I usually do on a Saturday (and I didn't have any of the blog post started ahead of time!).  Our son called last night to tell us they were bringing breakfast from a favorite restaurant if we were free this morning.  We were!  It was part of a belated birthday breakfast for my husband.

We are very much enjoying having them live nearer to us.  They would be our friends even if they were not family and, of course... the two grandchildren are very cute.  Even if Florie hides behind the couch the entire time they are here!

We needed to have some fun after a week of the unexpected.  Well, it started last week with both of us realizing our dental bills were going to be so expensive that some of what we wanted to do to the property is going to have to be put off for awhile.  Thankfully, my clinic gives me a 40% discount that is scaled to income and my husband's dentist gives military veterans a discount.

Then last Friday, I started coming down with the flu and by Sunday afternoon, we were both miserable.  It ran its' course quickly and I was able to go to my monthly appointment for an eye injection.  On the way home from the appointment, it started snowing.  And snowing.  And snowing!  The next morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland.  In April!

All of this came together so that neither of us were able to do any of our usual grocery shopping and the refrigerator became quite bare.  Of course, I had plenty in the freezer and the pantry to put together meals but what I lacked was food for when I was not feeling well enough to cook.

To direct our budget elsewhere in January and February, I had not been purchasing prepared meals for the freezer, neither had I set aside any frozen meals or soup during that time.  It is always good to experience a weakness in the pantry while both the food availability and budget allows for a restock.

Since then, I purchased two Stouffers meals on sale and even though I am not fond of canned soup (you become spoiled when you make your own), I'm adding soup to the grocery list.  I'm making vegetable beef soup this weekend and a quart of it will go directly into the deep freeze.

What did I end up having for dinner?  I always have some kind of cheese and crackers on hand so they made a good dinner.  I robbed one of my husband's organic apples from the fruit bin.  Come to think of it, that was a very good and light meal.

Like many people, I kept my news ear attuned to what was going on between Russia and the Ukraine last week.  Not to mention some of the other powder keg situations going on in the world.  There are plenty of reasons to not let down on keeping the pantry stocked should transportation be threatened.

Sorry this is rushed but it was worth it to have the family time today.  Time goes by so fast!  Oh, Florentine did eventually come out from behind the sofa.  Once she knew there were no little people running around.  ;)

Image:  Bushels of Apples


mdoe37 said...

$925 for a crown...and that was with a 20% discount. My dentist doesn't take the insurance I have at the moment, but I'm so dental phobic that I just can not, can not go someplace else. And he's a good egg, does an excellent job and never up sells. (unlike the local dentist that DOES take my insurance phoo)

While I've been healthy here, its such a pain to cook for one ..all...the ....time. The only highlight I had was fresh walleye from last weekend's fishing trip to Lake Erie...Ohio side.

I do use your hints about keeping a few extras on hand in the freezer and cupboard for my 85 year old mother. Some days she cooks and some days she's not hungry (and has lost many pounds over the last year). She's finding a few freezer meals that she likes...Lean Cuisine's Chicken Teryaki for one. Its a struggle.

Do as Amy Dacyczyn would do....Put out the word regarding your outdoor upgrades. You simply never know who might have what.

Margie from Toronto said...

So sorry that you had such a tough week - glad you are now feeling better. We too woke up to snow on Tuesday & Wednesday!
At the moment I do have a few HM ready meals or at least partially cooked ones in the freezer and yesterday I made a big pot of mushroom/barley soup and about half of that will go into the freezer as well - always handy!

I'm going to go into the shops tomorrow morning to restock a few things that I'm a bit low on and then I've got a few things on the list to cook this week so that will add a few more meals to the freezer.

Unknown said...

mdoe37 I, too, am 85 and have always been an avid from scratch cook and baker. I cook for myself only but love to share with friends and neighbors. This past year I really have not been up to doing it. I don't know if they serve your area but Schwan's frozen food home delivery has been my helpmate, especially their chicken pot pies plus many more foods. My newest favorite are the frozen to bake baking powder biscuits, yum! You might want to check it out for your Mom.
Brenda, I appreciate your blogs very much and keep learning from you. Thanks for all you do for us! Shirley near Seattle

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm sorry you were unwell! Do you think that you had covid?

Dental work can be very expensive!

I'm glad you've been able to see a situation in your pantry building that needs work, and are able to address it! Those easy meals are important!