Saturday, November 09, 2019

Post Surgery Update

I was hoping to write regular blog posts this weekend but I still need to be careful about screen times and writing with sunglasses on as I typed left much to be desired.  I tried.  ;)

So far I have regained about 75% of my vision in my right eye and I continue to be hopeful (and prayerful) that even more vision will come back in the next few days.  It is already a remarkable difference from before the surgery when I couldn't read the top line of the eye chart with my right eye.

I have been able to get out some this week, always with the sunglasses on that the doctor gave me and following all the surgeon's rules.  If you follow me on Instagram (@coffeeteabooksandme), you saw that I bought a copy of the now annual The Cozy Issue of Bella Grace magazine.  I loved their first edition last year and this one looks even better.  I need to let my eye heal to do more than peruse the beautiful photos.

I don't buy many magazines and I admit that my two favorites, Bella Grace and Where Women Cook, are pricey because they have no advertisements.  Each new issue only comes out quarterly in addition to their special issues like The Cozy Issue.

I don't buy them often and when I know in advance there is a special issue coming soon, I set aside spending money for it.  Beautiful magazines are like a vacation where you don't have to travel.  Some friends love Where Women Create and its' sister magazines, too.

We decided to host Thanksgiving again this year before handing it over to our son and daughter-in-law for good next year.  I wanted one more Thanksgiving to use my brown transferware dishes.  It does wear me out but in a good way and I get a lot of help.  I love Thanksgiving because it is about food, faith, family, and friends.

I plan to be back on Wednesday talking about Christmas books and movies.  By then, the computer screen shouldn't bother me as much.  Thank you for your continued prayers, my friends!

Note:  I buy these magazines at Barnes & Noble but my local grocery store carries some of them.  Special editions such as The Cozy Issue are normally available only at stores like Barnes and Noble and on the publisher's website.

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Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I am so glad to hear how much improvement you have already! And continue to keep you in my prayers. I know you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Blessings for you, Brenda!

Anonymous said...

After my daughter gave me last year’s Cozy issue for Christmas, I preordered the new second Cozy issue as soon as I heard about it and absolutely Love it! All those Stampington & Company magazines are pricey, but really special. They are more like a book! I used to pick up the Somerset Life magazine on occasion, and my daughter loves Willow and Sage, but think I need to check out Bella Grace now!
Please take a photo to share of your Thanksgiving table with your brown transferwear dishes! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!
Thankful your eye surgery went well, but praying for 100% recovery of sight in your eye! Take care!
Laura C. (WA)

Vee said...

That is wonderful improvement and I join you in praying for even more. The screens can be very hard on the eyes so I am glad that you are limiting your screen time even if it means that we don’t hear from you as often. You must be feeling better to want to host Thanksgiving once again. That’s wonderful and I know that you will have lots of good help. Enjoy your beautiful magazines and keep taking good care.

Margie from Toronto said...

That is wonderful news about your vision - so happy for you.
Just make sure that you get lots of help for Thanksgiving.

tealady said...

I really hope everything goes well and you regain all your sight. Back in February, I got shingles in my right eye and that has been like a stick in the eye. I could lose almost any other sense except for my sight. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Rebecca said...

Happy to read of the success of your surgery! I enjoy thumbing through the magazines you mention. They ARE more like books...😊

Anonymous said...

Hope your eye feels better soon. You two have had a rough year.

Deanna Rabe said...

Good report! I am also glad to hear that you're going to host one more time! However, coming from the one who always hosts and still has kids at home, I am looking forward to the years when I am a guest! {grin}

hopeinbrazil said...

I see at the site that Where Women Cook is going out of print. But they are selling the back issues for as low as 99 cents.

mdoe37 said...

Glad your eye is improving. We must be was also my right eye and I also couldn't read more than the top line. I'm now 20/30 corrected. I just know you'll be there soon!

ellen b. said...

Good news about your eye. Glad you can rest and let it improve.