Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Book Talk

Today I want to share some more favorite Holiday books and movies.  It actually looks like Christmas where I live after snow fell on Monday.  With record breaking cold temperatures, it remains on the ground.  It's too early for snow!  However, it did put me in the mood for Christmas music earlier than usual.

I will share more favorite Christmas books and movies next week.  This week, with the exception of one DVD, I wanted to share items that aren't as well known as some favorites.


I loved this book, The History of Christmas: 2000 Years of Faith, Fable, and Festivity by Heather Lefebvre.  I already gifted a copy to my daughter (I couldn't wait until her birthday) and I am giving it as a gift to another book lover with children.

The book is well written, beautiful to look at with artwork by the author's mother, and as Heather is a pastor's wife (as well as writer, artist, floral arranger, and friend)... you can trust it being family friendly.  This is my new favorite nonfiction Christmas book.
Info... here.

The River Bank and Other Stories from The Wind in the Willows.  Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows is not only a favorite children's book but one of my all time favorite books of any genre.   This large picture book, illustrated by Inga Moore, contains the chapters The River Bank, The Open Road, The Wild Wood, Mr. Badger, and... the reason I have added it here... the Christmas themed Dulce Domum.

This book is only available third party now and my own copy was purchased used.  It is a perfect read aloud book for children of all ages with the lovely words and illustrations.
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Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher was my introduction to this author.  It is the story of flawed people and how tragedy brings them together, changes them, and eventually they find (most of them) joy and peace.  Part of the book takes place in Scotland over Christmas, which is why it can be included here.

Pilcher does not write from a faith based perspective and many of her characters have made bad decisions which led to their original unhappiness.  However, she knows how to bring together a story of redemption that makes for beautiful reading.  I have read quite a few of her books and enjoyed each story.
Information... here.

If you are a fan of Pilcher already, then you would love Christmas with Rosamunde Pilcher.  In it she shares memories and Holiday recipes that, along with lovely photos, are enjoyable to read.

There is also a Christmas short story at the end of the book that I found very good.  This book is only available third party but there are a lot of inexpensive copies available.  My copy was used but in very good condition.
Information... here.

What the Land Already Knows: Winter's Sacred Days is one of The Farm in Lucy series by Phyllis Tickle.  I find Phyllis, much like another favorite writer, Madeleine L'Engle, tends to draw a debate as to their theology.

I will admit that Tickle's more recent writing is much more liberal and some of it I cannot agree with.  You can see how the American Anglican church has changed since her early writings. However, there is nothing in this book that would cause even the most evangelical of readers to cringe... at least I think.

These stories, revolving around various Advent seasons when her family lived in a rural area, are beautifully written memories.  I have read this little book many times and still enjoy it afresh each Christmas.  This is also a book only available third party but there are quite a few reasonably priced used copies available.
Information... here.

I also wanted to give you a link for the Where Women Cook issue I wrote about recently.  This magazine, as well as the various Where Women Create magazines, are no longer published by Stampington.  Which is where Google takes you.  The new website is... here.

It isn't the most user friendly but you can eventually find what you are looking for.   Although I bought my copy at Barnes & Noble, my grocery store does carry it, too.

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving is based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott.  It is rare to find stories that are centered around Thanksgiving and this one is beautiful and family friendly.  It fills me with joy each time I watch it.

It is the story of a woman and her children going through a very difficult time when her wealthy estranged mother comes for a visit.  The mother and her granddaughter form a bond that brings everyone together.  If you loved Little Women, you will enjoy this movie, too.
Information... here.

In the DVD, Take Peace, we visit Tasha Tudor as she prepares for and celebrates Christmas.  I was a fan of Tasha Tudor, one of my "women not of the faith" heroes.  She was odd I admit but I loved how she lived her life with simplicity and beauty.  Tasha fans will love this visit into her home! 

The DVD is a little pricey but the Amazon Video version is only $1.99 and I think it is free to watch for Prime members.  The other DVD about her life called Take Joy seems to be no longer available but it is also on Amazon Video for $1.99.
Information... here.

An Avonlea Christmas is a lovely movie for fans of the Avonlea series.  It centers around favorite residents of Avonlea as they prepare for Christmas with the backdrop of WWI.

The bad reviews for the movie are pretty much about them bringing in WWI scenes in what should be a happy season.  But I see why they did it for it is very good at showing why tradition, friends, and family help people get through hard times.  This is one of the first Christmas movies I watch each year.
Information... here.

Felicity, an American Girl Adventure may seem an unlikely favorite but it takes place at Christmas during the American Revolution in Williamsburg.  It is a beautiful story of the affects of the war on family and friends and how two young friends bring people together.  It was also fun to watch it before going to Colonial Williamsburg with my daughter and her family quite a few years ago.

It appears it is now only available as part of a four American girl movie DVD but the price is very reasonable.  It is available alone on Amazon Video.  This is an enjoyable family friendly movie.
Information... here.
Felicity on Amazon Video... here.

The Muppet Christmas Carol doesn't really fit in with the theme of little known Christmas movies but I had to add it this week since it is my very favorite version of A Christmas Carol.  Even little children who cannot follow the theme of the story love this movie!
Information... here.

I hope to share more favorites next week!  I especially love to share books and movies that perhaps are new to blog readers. 

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Luludou said...

Thanks for sharing your list - I will look some these up.

Barbara Harper said...

I loved An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving, and it's sequel, An Old-Fashioned Christmas. You're right, there aren't many books or videos centered around Thanksgiving.

I'm not familiar with most of the rest of these. I'd like to check out the Avonlea one.

The Little House on the Prairie series had 2 or 3 Christmas episodes that I love to watch.

Vee said...

I just watched a Christmas movie based on a Max Lucado story. It features the actress who played Anne in the PBS series that I best loved...Megan Follows. It was fun to see her again, though the movie was from 2004. It was a bit cranked, machination at its finest, but still, it was a Christmas movie that was new to me. As you can see, I do not remember its name.

Of these, I am most intrigued by Rosamunde Pilcher's Christmas memoirs. I do love a good memoir. You always provide great suggestions for any season.

Karin said...

Christmas Child was the Max Lucado movie that Vee mentioned. Steven Curtis Chapman was also in the film.

Carol said...

I may need to purchase a couple of these books so thank you for sharing. I will be looking into this later today after the grand doll goes home.

Deanna Rabe said...

I have a friend who is a big Rosamund Pilcher fan. I'm going to look at getting her a copy of the Christmas book. She'd love it!

I love many of the same things as you, no surprise there! I'm happy to be reminded of some of these though!

'Tis the season!

Keri said...

Thank you for these recommendations, some of which I'm familiar with, and some of which I'm not. I think I may try reading the Rosamund Pilcher book. Last year, my daughter and I worked with a therapist (via a video call app) who lives in Northern Scotland, and I've been following the Clarkson children who are studying in Scotland, so a novel set there sounds appealing to me.

One of my great delights during the Christmas season is frequently clicking to Amazon through your blog, knowing that I'm paying you back in some tiny way for the pleasure I get from enjoying what you post here. (I link to Amazon through your blog all year long, but like most people, I do a lot more Amazon shopping this time of year, so I get extra opportunities to do so during this season!)