Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Legends of Easter Treasury, a review

This book for children contains three complete stories in one volume.  They are The Legend of the Easter Egg, The Legend of the Easter Robin, and The Legend of the Sand Dollar.  All three stories are simple Christ centered "legends" for children having to do with Easter and the Resurrection.

The first story is about a little boy who must quickly leave his home because his sister has become ill with scarlet fever. He is taken to stay with friends who own a candy store during Easter week. It is hard for him to be away from his family but the couple he stays with help him to keep busy, including coloring Easter eggs. He is told the story of how Easter eggs relate to the Resurrection.

I had never heard of the Pennsylvania Dutch legend about how the robin received its red breast, which is a legend having to do with the crucifixion.  It is told to a little girl by her grandmother as they await baby robins to hatch from their eggs. It is a beautiful way to share His suffering but in a way young children can understand. 

I have read the legend of the sand dollar a few times.  In this version, a young girl and her older sister leave for their aunt's house at the beach a couple days before her parents are to follow.  The young girl is missing her parents but goes out on the water with her young cousin who teaches her the story of the sand dollar and how it relates to Easter.  She also learns that God is always near to her.

All three stories would be good read aloud to young children or elementary school children can read them on their own.  However, the real star of the show with this book is the illustrations by Richard Cowdrey.  They are lovely, full color, illustrations which I am certain even preschool children would love to look at over and over even if there is no one around to read the stories.

The cover appears to sparkle, which is another aspect of this book kids will love.  It is a rather large book so tiny hands would not be able to carry it around easily but the size does bring the reader into the story very well.  It is lovely!

The Legends of Easter Treasury was provided by the publisher for the sake of review but the opinions are my own.

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