Saturday, February 17, 2018

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Just chatting

I was thinking this past week that perhaps it is time for Saturdays to be about more than deepening the pantry.  In some ways, it already is since so many years ago I changed it from pantry posts to a lifestyle pantry post.  But over ten years of talking about the pantry... is it time to leave it behind?

So I prayed about it and as I share the same mental illness as our Vice President (I believe I hear from God)... I felt as if He was telling me not to try to fix what is not broken.  Keep it as it is!

So I made a deal with Him... if one can really make a bargain with God... that if He keeps giving me ideas then I will keep writing them down.  That is what I did a few years ago when I thought about giving up the blog and I continually am amazed at how He has provided ideas, especially for the Sunday posts.

There are probably more reasons today to deepen our pantry than when I first started blogging in 2006.  The world is even more upside down loony tunes crazy and at times... frightening.  I thank God we can rest in His Word that mankind is not going to completely blow the earth out of the solar system.  It does say if He hadn't returned then that could very well happen.  But it won't because He does...

I have to admit that part of the reason I felt like changing it all is that I continue to push through being really tired a lot.  Every time I think this virus and cough is behind me, it returns.  I think I need a trip to Aruba or some other warm place with a beach and a nonalcoholic drink with an umbrella in it.  (I prefer my carb cheats in the form of chocolate or pasta.)

The one thing I did for my pantry this week was a chore that cost nothing but time.  I cleaned and rearranged the tall yellow chimney cabinet in the kitchen.  It needs to be done every few months since I use it a lot and things can get put back where they don't belong.  It looks very nice now and there is more room just by arranging it differently.

My husband cleaned up a Rubbermaid style container for me, one that had been run over (literally) by the former inhabitants of the garage.  Thank God there has been no more mice in about a year!  The container is now ready for a few large bags of sugar that has taken up room in the kitchen (one large Sam's Club bag of confectioners sugar, one bag of white sugar, and a couple bags of brown sugar).

I've had confectioners sugar last well over a year when Stephanie left a couple large packages of it behind that she didn't use for her brother's wedding reception.  It was just fine that whole year.  White sugar lasts practically indefinitely if packaged correctly.

However, I'm finding out why some experts say not to try to store brown sugar long term.  It does get as hard as a brick and while I use all methods I know of to soften it, I'm not thrilled with any of them.  I used to use the Sam's Club size bags up before it could get that hard but I'm not doing as much baking these days. 

My biggest lesson from the large brick in the cabinet is to not purchase brown sugar in very large packages, anymore.  A few small packages will be slightly more expensive but it also will not get thrown out.  Times change and our pantries often change along with it.

My addition to the freezer this week was a whole chicken for 79 cents a pound.  I bought one for the "pantry" and one to let defrost to become dinner tonight and soup tomorrow. 

Sometimes I can really deepen the pantry using Christmas or Birthday gift money.  However, most of the time it is done a little at a time.  A ham on sale here, a turkey on clearance there, one or two whole chickens, packages of frozen veggies on sale, etc.

As with any effort to deepen our pantry, it is surprising how much we can have "put back" by purchasing just a little at a time.  Here and there.  Just a few dollars at a time. :)


Anonymous said...

All brown sugar is simply white sugar with molasses added. I don't remember the ratio, but it might save you from hard brown sugar.


Sandy said...

I hope you continue to post. I still read! I struggle with my pantry supplies, because of dietary restrictions I am limited on packaged food. I hate to waste and buy things we won't eat. I do believe though in having the basics to cook with or prepare food. I am always thinking and pondering my way through that battle.
I definitely think we can never let our guard down and yes, I am afraid I have the same mental illness. I am still appalled at that statement.

Vee said...

Glad that you are still writing and am not at all surprised that The Lord is still providing lots of ideas.

Hahahaha...loved reading about your mental illness; I have one of my own. My sister is praying for “her” to develop a serious mental illness, too, but not being quite as charitable, I hope not before she is knocked from her high horse.

(This may be one you really have to moderate. 😉)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Repackage brown sugar in zip lock bags with chopped up apple and suck out the air....Do this before it becomes hard. Maybe it never will.

Maureen said...

I, too, suffer from the same “mental illness.” I don’t plan on ever being cured!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad the Lord didn't tell you to quit but keeps giving you ideas to write about. Enjoyed the post today. Blessings, Sharon D.

Mindy said...

A slice of bread in a zip lock bag or OXO container filled with brown sugar will make all things right as rain. (Where did that saying come from, I wonder?)

Anonymous said...

I love your posts about the pantry,you are right we live in such a volatile world

Anonymous said...

Store your brown sugar in an airtight container with a piece of bread and it will not get hard ��