Thursday, November 19, 2015

My World this Week

After three days of rain, this is how the sun decided to set last night.

It is beginning to feel like November here in the Heartland.  We are thankful for the extra days of nice weather for my husband to finish the new compost bin.  It isn't at all fancy but it will be better than layering everything on the ground.  He spent way too much time "engineering" it and I kept reminding him what the West Ladies said in their DVD... "Everything rots".  ;)

Can you believe a week from today will be American Thanksgiving?  I wish we celebrated at the same time as our Canadian neighbors because the Autumn color is wonderful at that time.  I took the turkey out of the deep freeze this morning and it begins its' slow thaw in the  refrigerator.

So... regarding the Widget and all.  First, I thank each of you who enter your Amazon shopping through a link or on the Widget (you do not have to purchase the item you click on).  It is such a blessing and entering Amazon this way for your shopping gives me a tiny amount of credit (and costs neither of us anything but time).  It all adds up!

The Widget still works and contains many favorites, I just can't add recently reviewed books to it as I once did.  I researched the whole embedded advertisement thingy and didn't care for it at all.  Just too "busy" for what I want here at Coffee Tea Books and Me.  So I will stick with an old Widget and new links!

Here are a few things going on in My World recently.


The magazine was a gift (thank you!), the chocolate from Aldis's, and the pumpkin spice latte was a gift from my daughter-in-law for driving her to Menard's.  She needed to pick up a purchase too large for their car.

We obviously are not boycotting Starbucks... never known as a bastion of Christians... that is a goddess on their cups!  By the way, that magazine has lots of excellent tea time recipes in it.


I love this inexpensive download from Amazon... here.  So enjoying the Amazon Music App that makes it simple to listen to music on the iPad that I purchase with Amazon credit.


Yesterday I listened to the podcast of Sally and Clay speaking at Hutchmoot recently.  It is about cultivating an atmosphere in the home to raise creative children.  It was SO good!  You can hear it... here.


I've always liked the way Susan Branch had a little wreath on her window but I didn't think I could do that since my windows open from side to side.

But then I saw that one set of Velcro left from the Command Velcro package and... wallah!  Those are cranberry colored beads and green leaves but the colors refused to show up in the photos. 

Morning Light

Studio Love

I'm loving the thrifted oval rug!  I paid $5.00-ish for it.

Her Fluffiness

She's waiting by the door for my husband to arrive home.

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lynneinMN said...

We are enjoying the first flakes of the season today in northern MN. it's a welcome respite from the days of driving rain we've had recently! your "world", as always, is enjoyable to share - thank you! May you & yours have a very Blessed Thanksgiving :-). LynneinMN.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

It looks nice and cozy at your house Brenda! We have rain today and while I'd love to curl up and nap, I have been busy with wedding stuff, school and kiddos, so no nap for me. I'm headed out in a few minutes to go to Christmas Tree Shops before dropping Rachel at work. They have strings of lights for $1.99 today only! I'm going to get a few extra. We may need them for the wedding venue!

I'll have to look for that magazine! Oh, and thanks for the link to Sally's podcast! I'll have a listen in a little while!


Morning's Minion said...

I've long thought the date of Canadian Thanksgiving makes more sense as a harvest celebration. When we lived in New England family gatherings in November were often upset by heavy snow.
There is such quiet joy to be found in little things--a few minutes with a cup of tea and a new magazine are a refreshment in a busy day.

tealady said...

We have been having rain also here in WI, I live right by lake Michigan and are expecting snow any time now but I am ready. We bought a small snow blower last year and never got to use it, not that I want to have to use it

Brenda all the beautiful pictures you post just spoke to me, with my health I am housebound a lot.
So I just took the dog out and looked around it was amazing. I took some pictures but can not upload them yet the light came on and I actually saw the beauty I have right outside my door.

Vee said...

And then she is going to pounce on him! She looks wound up like an eight-day clock. I like your wreath on the window. Susan has so many cozy decorating ideas. Do you have snow coming your way?