Thursday, July 09, 2015

My World this Week

We've had rain the past few days and unlike never ending deluge in weeks past, we actually needed this rain.  At least the garden did.  I had planned to show you a few herbs I potted this week but when I remembered to take a photo, it was pouring down rain.  Next week.

I've been busy getting lots of projects done to declutter the Study further.  The area by the closet that had boxes (which are going to the van to take to my son's house) and other items needing a home is now all clear. 

It is amazing what we live with for awhile and don't even see until we start organizing one part of a room and it leads to another.  The organizing equivalent of buying a pair of shoes and then realizing one needs an entire outfit to match.  And a purse.  And a pair of earrings.  ;)

So... here is what has been happening in my world this past week.




So, what did I create?  Well, there are three houses here at the end of our gravel lane and none of them have house numbers.  Which is fine except when one has a UPS guy who has never been here before.  But there is no place to easily adhere numbers on this house.

So see that cute chalkboard nailed next to my front door?  It has my house number written with liquid chalk.  You can't see it because it is turned around at the moment for the photo... privacy and all.  I love the way it turned out.  I can bring it in when bad winter weather begins.

Tea Time

I'm really enjoying this Downton Abbey tea which is called Lady Cora's Evening Tea.  It is a combination of lemon balm and chamomile.  I make it extra strong and add a tiny dollop of raw honey for sweetness.

I've shown you that teacup before.  It was a gift from my daughter when she was in college and has a matching lid.  When Christopher was still home and had asthma symptoms, I would brew a Traditional Medicinal tea in it for fifteen minutes with the lid on it while steeping.  That is how objects become family heirlooms... not only who gave the gift but what memories it brings back.  ;)


Cheerful even on rainy days!  Ummm... just realized I need to make more granola (in the glass jar)!

Clean Desk!



I always purchase next year's seeds at the end of the current season.  When I had some extra money for preparations, I used part of it for these.  They are now tucked nicely in a Ziploc bag in the frig.

This is much cheaper than buying seeds packed for long term storage and next spring I will have something to plant even if there is no extra money in the budget.  If there is, then I will buy tomato plants!


Still waiting for my son to move his bookcase and books.  But I long ago put shelves in front of it.  On his behalf, he has been very busy at work so his home office remains unfinished.

Her Fluffiness
My view during my morning quiet time...


suzanne said...

Always such a sweet comfort to view and read "my world this week." I see you are reading Psalms. So am I! More comfort there, for sure. I love all the yellow in your kitchen. No way to be gloomy when looking at all that cheeriness. God bless you and keep you, Miss Brenda.

Vee said...

It looks nothing like Bleak House even if it is raining. You packed some excellent tips in here....the house number for starters. We are fined if our house number is not in a prominent location. I want to put ours on the front step or on the mailbox post. Currently, it is on the mailbox in decals...not one bit charming. Your solution is very charming!

I have some seed packets I didn't use this year so I will be bagging them up and tucking them in the fridge. Fridge not freezer?

Still have some of the kids' stuff and they're both in their thirties. I do remember showing up with a car load of stuff one fine day years ago. They were thrilled to see me...nah, not so much.

Your coleus looks beautifully full and healthy. It must be loving the weather.

Kim said...

I love your house Brenda! It's always so welcoming and homey...Kim

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

We continue with regular rain storms here, Brenda. Thankfully for us they haven't been damaging at all. I do hope they won't be an issue in early September. We have an outdoor wedding scheduled here for the 5th. Though there will be a tent, it would be quite the muddy mess.

I love your cheery kitchen and your organizing projects sound like the kind I like. One thing leads to another!

Victoria is looking mighty fine this summer.

Thanks for sharing your week.


ps - that tea sounds lovely!

Lee Ann said...

Your home is lovely

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I enjoyed visiting your home. :-) I was wondering if your 'quiet time' changes in the summer when you have a garden to tend to before it gets too warm outside?

Sherry said...

Your home evokes a cozy existence. .very warm and welcoming. I LOVE that yellow cabinet. LOVE. I have a similar coleus as yours.. it's growing gangbusters.

Tania said...

You have a really beautiful home. I am in love with the yellow colours in your kitchen.

Your photos depict a cosy welcoming home.


Annabel said...

Lovely Brenda. I love the tin of tea! That is just gorgeous and has given me an idea for gift making... now to find tins.
Since your post the other day about now it the time to deepen the pantry I have seen so many others say the same thing!
Have a wonderful weekend, with love

Anonymous said...

I am glad you found seed. I went to Lowes July 1 and they had thrown out all their seed. Last year they did it by June 1. Don't they know they had the fall seeds in the seeds they threw out? They said they think they will get bulbs and perhaps seeds in again in September. I bet it is just bulbs as this usually happens. So grab any seeds while you can! I sure hope they give the seeds to an organization but I fear they are as they said thrown out. :-((
I am still hoping to get a few things out of my house and the kids have been married 24 years!! No matter... :-) I would though like the area so I can put my sewing machine up. Maybe I better mention it again? :-)
I have always loved how your house looks. So comfy and inviting. I wondered what I could do with a little wood framed chalk board I I know!!
Deepening the pantry...just today yet another sensible blogger said the same thing. We have been doing just that and not worrying..just doing. God is still in charge but He also gives people warnings. I keep a list in my purse and if we are in the store I usually find the best of each product in {and the $ is there} we pick up a little as we can. You can only do as much as you can but doing anything makes you feel better. Also think about what your close loved ones or older neighbor might need. Their diets might be quite different and such. I know a few older neighbors who I am not discussing this all with as they get quite upset since they have aged. But I know a few things they would need we don't if we could not get to a store. Also some hygiene things they use. If needed they will stay with us. No one knows what will happen but prayer is always in order. Sarah