Saturday, July 11, 2015

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Procastination update

Soooo... how am I doing with my Procrastination Challenge?  Excellent in some areas and umm, okay in others.

The rainy days that kept me out of the garden helped the last phase of getting the Study organized.  It was a huge success and it is now complete.  (Except for our son moving the bookshelf out but that is beyond my control.)  Yesterday evening I finished the last project, which was to write Bible verses and inspirational messages on my chalkboard I moved next to the desk.  I was able to finish it once I removed my furry helper from the room and shut the door.  Yes, she did complain. 

As I have written many times, the Study is my reward for the Empty Nest Syndrome.  I love my daughter-in-law and after three years of marriage (can you believe it?), the young couple are happier than ever.  But Moms do miss the days when their kids were little.  So taking over my son's room and making it the one place on the planet that is all mine is the reward I gave myself to fill the very real empty nest.

The cost has been minimal since I had collected lots of stuff over the past decades of marriage.  About 90% of it was while thrifting, some inherited, a few purchases here and there.  One important aspect of having a space of one's own is that it gives you a place to ponder and pray and create. 

Even when my kids were both much younger and my only "space" was the corner of our sofa with a few well loved items on the side table next to me.  It was the place where I could read and think.  Except when Christopher was a toddler.

Speaking of chalkboards, I already showed a photo of the chalkboard I added to the front porch to solve our house number issue.  A close up is above (chalkboard is turned backward for privacy in the picture).  Nine years of that confusion and so far the chalkboard is working!  Check that off the To Do list!

Not everything on the list was completed in a perfect manner.  I did research how to find out what dentists in the area are covered by my insurance plan.  But that is as far as I got.  I know, it should have been a priority so obviously wanting to make a change is not the same as making it completely.  But instead of being upset with myself, I simply made it easy to phone on Monday by having all the information ready to go.

Another check mark that tells me a task has been complete... I finally joined Instagram!  I've planned to do this for months now, after reading how it helped a visual learner to relax.  Now, for those of you who started following me already... I am currently not adding any photos to Instagram.  Perhaps if I ever purchase a smart phone to make it easier.  Yes, I have a flip top cell phone.  Cheap.  Easy.

I have already spent some time following people who bring lovely and peaceful scenery to the party, those who tell stories with photographs instead of words.  Like so many things I procrastinate doing, I wonder what took so long (after my kids gave me the iPad, of course).  And while I am tempted to "Follow" friend's accounts, especially those who live far away, right now I'm sticking with the visual vacation format.

The other technically related project I did last week came about when my iPad told me I was getting near my limit on what it can load up.  This happened after downloading the Instagram App and the Padgram App (I like it best for perusing the images).  So I removed a few Apps I rarely used as well as forcing myself to stop following some Podcasts that I knew if I were honest... I would never get around to listening.  I only kept the five or six I do listen to from time to time. That cleared up space.

Of course, some items on the list did not even receive a nod towards the road of accomplishment.  Such as defrosting the deep freeze and starting the first phase of cleaning the garage.  But a girl can do only so much, especially when it is "a little at a time"!

Today I need to acknowledge some weekly chores such as laundry.  I'm also making lemon chicken orzo soup.  Stephanie and I chatted for awhile yesterday and she told me how she took my lemon cream scone recipe and folded in rasberries.  So I hope to try that technique today with blueberries I have in the freezer.

The weather forecast tells me yet more rain is moving in tonight so the window of opportunity to weed the garden is today.  I believe there will be green beans finally ready to harvest!

Speaking of green beans, that reminds me of The West Ladies' video that I think is so cute... here.

Did anyone else make a dent in their Procrastination List the last two weeks?


Sherry said...

lemon chicken orzo soup. yUm. sounds great..

my daughter's old room has become my room/study/sewingSpace/guestRoom4one. slowly, i'm making headway into making it truly my own, lessening the memories for good reason.
i have pretty bags filled with junque and i've been putting off going through them, organizing what i want to keep, and giving away what i don't. sigh. i much prefer watching a classic film. wink.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda
I have a hint regarding defrosting the freezer. This is something I only figured out a few years ago but oh, does it make it quick work! After taking everything out I prop a fan over the edge of the freezer (or in front if it's an upright) and that melts the ice super quickly! I also set a cake pan in the bottom of the freezer so as the ice on the side starts sliding off I can use my pancake turner to scoop it into the pan and thus save a lot of mopping up the water.
Hope this helps. Oh, yes, by the way, if have found that those 99 cent reusable shopping bags that stores sell are great for keeping things organized in my chest freezer. I have different ones for cheese, chicken, beef, etc. Some things are only learned after years of frustration! :-)

Unknown said...

Brenda, also I wanted to mention that you don't necessarily need a smart phone to use Instagram. You can download Instagram app for ipad, and you can either take pictures with your ipad to post to Instagram or if you download pictures from your camera onto your ipad via SD card connector, you can Instagram pictures from the camera.

I still remember meeting you and Steohanie at the Women's conference in CT/MA some years ago when Sally Clarkson was one of the speakers. I since have moved to montana but continue to follow your blog :)


Carrie said...

Im grinning about your Instagram account and flip phone. Yay for flip phones! I'll continue to have one as long as duct tape can hold it together. :)