Saturday, December 07, 2013

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Q&A and a couple links

I've been asked many questions in Comments and e-mails so I hope to answer a few of them them today.  :)

Where do I buy Grade B maple syrup?   We much prefer the bolder flavor of Grade B to Grade A maple syrup and it can be cheaper.  We can only find it these days at the health food store.  Hubby bought it last week on Senior Citizen Discount Day (he qualifies, I don't quite yet)... this one was a very good product of Wisconsin.

Where did I buy the bottle of organic canola oil?  I bought that bottle in the organic section at Target but they do sell them at health food stores.  I think Target is less expensive.  The champagne vinegar also came from Target.

I know people find wonderful food gifts at Trader Joe's but alas... they still have not come to our community although I believe many people have begged.

Where did I buy the Harney & Son's Holiday tea?  I bought this tin at Barnes & Noble as part of a "two tins of tea special" box.  Some stores sell tins that says Harney & Sons while others go by the HT brand but they are the same.

Target now sells the brand but I didn't see any of the Holiday blends there.   I even saw Harney & Sons sold at one of the stores in Colonial Williamsburg in their little Downtown section.  They are one of my favorite brands.

Have I made cornbread dressing?  No but I've had it at a restaurant, it was delicious!

Do I use unsweetened cocoa in the brownie mix?  Yes, regular old Hershey's cocoa.

Can the brownies be baked in a 9" square pan?  I'm certain they can be, just add some extra baking time.

Regarding the cookbook A Return to Sunday Dinner... I love it, too!  It makes a beautiful gift and one good thing about cookbooks like this, they tend to be easy to find third party and used for much less money.   I bought the author's book about picnics at one time for just a few dollars.

Regarding Shaye Elliot's cookbook, From Scratch... I haven't had a chance to make anything from it but it is marked with a few recipes to try soon.  I think I will like it very much, also.  It is just what I need to try some "cleaner" and more nutritious recipes.

One of my favorite gifts to slip into a cute Ziploc bag is People Puppy Chow.  I have made it since I got the recipe when we lived in Iowa circa 1990.  I just made a batch yesterday for gifts.  Recipe... here.  Of course, there are wonderful savory Chex Mixes, too.

Elizabeth Foss posted a great list of gifts to make.  Lots of excellent suggestions to try... here.  Definitely one to bookmark.


Vee said...

Oh thank you for all the great answers and tips! I'll be heading for the Health Food Store soon. Thanks, too, for the links. I enjoyed checking out both.

GrammaGrits said...

Love Harney and Son Tea . . . order them online direct! Free shipping right now I think and great selection.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I think it is so nice to give a gift of food or even a special ingredient that is meaningful to the receiver.

Tea is a delightful gift.

I am getting ready to sew some pillow cases as a gift for my mom and for a friend. This makes me very happy.


Anonymous said...

I bought the same 2 pack of tea at Barnes & Noble! Love their Holiday Tea - and it was cheaper to buy the set than 2 different flavors separately. I packaged up some of the tea bags in tiny bags that I sealed with my Foodsaver, then made labels with the flavors. That way, I can use some as gifts, but also have some myself.
Blessings! Connie in San Diego