Thursday, December 05, 2013

Before the storm...

Vintage Postcard
Bad weather has been anticipated for days now so I've been getting all my errands run before it hits.  The worst of the storm is suppose to stay south of us but driving here won't be fun with ice and snow.

Christopher recently called from his office, asking for me to text him updates since he had planned to work late tonight.  Yes, I'm the one in the family who is the weather nut follower.  He and a group of his friends had gone into the "City" to see an NBA game last year when he called from their car, asking what the weather was like here in town.  I am a maternal Weather Channel.  ;)

The house is decorated, although I didn't use everything this year.  But it looks nice.  The tree is especially beautiful.  I will take pictures when the sun comes out again.  I haven't seen it for a few days.  I know it is there somewhere behind the clouds.

I was going to do a Q&A post but there hasn't been time.  I will do one specifically for the pantry on Saturday and then a general one next week.  God willing and we don't lose power with the ice and all.  There have been so many questions in Comments and a few e-mails.

Sorry if you wrote an e-mail and have not heard from me.  It has been challenging to get computer time but I DO hope to answer all of them waiting.  Although it may require blowing the dust off a few, they have been there awhile.  But I do love receiving your e-mails.

Thank you again to everyone who has entered Amazon through clicking on the Widget here on the blog.  It all adds up!  As I've said, if you don't enter through mine and your best friend has a widget on her blog... that's fine!  It just doesn't cost either of us anything and Amazon is (for the most part) the only thing I promote at the moment.  I love Amazon.  Perhaps because I love brown paper packages wrapped up in... packing tape?  :)

Your entering Amazon through the widget allows me to do a little shopping with credit.  (((HUGS)))

So... with the winter weather moving in, I plan to spend some time in the kitchen whipping up some comfort food.  Hubby noticed a package of sausage in the frig this morning, he loves it and we rarely buy sausage or bacon (we hardly buy meat at all!).  Well, he bought Grade B maple syrup earlier this week so I have to make pancakes tomorrow and one really needs sausage with their pancakes.  Everyone knows that.  Unless they are vegan.

By the way, I know a few people have said they plan to read Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher since I mentioned it.  Love the book!  I told my daughter that I almost cried when it was over.

But Heather (who recommended it to me) had warned me it takes awhile to get into and I was glad she did.  For Pilcher takes time introducing each of the main characters but when they finally all come together... it is beautiful.  It will be reread many times.

These characters are a little different from Goudge's for they are more... flawed, or at least a few are.  I found it interesting to see the way they view God for it is much like many people I know.  He is always "there" but not the center of their world.  As I said... very interesting and lovely.

Now to check the first evening newscast so I can text the progress of the storm. I know someone who needs to know if he should leave the office now or work late. 


Anonymous said...

I just received Winter Solstice in the mail from paperbackswap! Tomorrow will be cold and windy so I hope to hunker down with the book and my Candy Cane Lane! Blessings, Dee/MN

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I hope you don't lose power. My kids all ask me what the weather is going to be like, then I look it up! Lol!

I am glad your tree is looking beautiful and that you have some Christmas things out.

It's such a special time of year.


Vee said...

Now I have that book somewhere...I must search for it's been years since I read it. I was just thinking of you and others who are in the path of this latest mess. It appears that we shall skate on this one, but how odd to think of a weather front extending from Southern California to Texas and north to New York. My daughter doesn't do a thing without checking her app. We call her the weather nut, but we may mean it differently as it can be a full blown blizzard and if her app doesn't say so, she's not buying it. Enjoy that Grade B syrup! How'd he manage to get that?!

Vee said...

I hope that comment went through...

Doris said...

Love Rosamund Pilcher's books. The Shell Seekers was the first one I read and have reread. Kansas City area weather is only very cold, 16°, no ice. Branson, MO is bad. Lots of ice and snow and many, many hilly roads. Some of my family was there last weekend but not now. I have family in northern Texas and there's ice there also. Not a good start to December. Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

We received venison sausage as a gift and they are great with pancakes which we do for dinner sometimes. I love breakfast for dinner. My tree is up and nativities are out (I collect them but only put a few out this year). It's cold and wet--just the kind of day to stay in by the fire with a good book and a copy of hot chocolate. Blessings (stay warm), Sharon D.

Heather L. said...

Had to cancel plans to drive to Madison tonight to see the Candlelight tour of homes. However, feeling not so great lately I actually wasn't disappointed and we had a very cozy evening getting the tree (Michael did that) and he also bought firewood for a fire and we ate homemade pizza and then the kids and I tried playing music on various instruments and reading Becky's Christmas. Now to bed! Started Winter Solstice again and then got sidetracked by Surprised by Oxford!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, getting your house all decorated so quickly! I'm still in the process of decorating mine. (I had to dust, first!) We're getting our tree tomorrow at a local tree farm. Going to have to really bundle up as it will be way below freezing with a wind chill factor added in. Brrrr...this last week has been clear and Cold! No snow for us, yet. We may get some next week before it warms up and turns to rain, however. I found a hard back copy of "Winter Solstice" earlier this year at a thrift shop! Haven't started it yet, though.
Take care and stay warm and cozy.
Laura C. From WA

Anonymous said...

I hate that your first page is taken up with such a large picture.

sherry said...

.. always nice visiting you here, brenda. per your suggestion, i just now bought the kindle version of Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher. thank you. :) while i have a dozen (or more?) books yet to read on my kindle, i'm thinking this will be an excellent january read.