Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My World this Week

The dogwood in May

I am busy getting the garden ready to plant.  My dining room table is covered with veggie plants, herbs, and seed packets... near record low temperatures this past weekend prevented planting (the owner of the nursery was on the evening news warning people to wait if possible).

Now we are expecting near record high temperatures by tomorrow... sheesh.  No wonder the groundhog was confused this year.

I've been re-reading this for further encouragement as I reorganize and declutter even more.

Tweaking the buffet for Spring

I decided to display a couple teacups which I haven't had out in ages.  They are both shades of yellow that makes me happy just looking at them.

Both of the flower bouquets are made of silk flowers.  They add so much color to the area and they don't need to be watered.  ;)

Tweaking the kitchen

I'm still tweaking the placement of the vintage-look canisters but everything else is the same.  Just imagine the antique Ball jar where the canister is and visa versa.

Very soon I'll write more about La Vita Vera.  :)

Beautiful gift

I'm showing this beautiful needlework gift from Deanna because many of you saw her post about it on her blog a few weeks ago.

I think it was suppose to be a surprise but I left a comment that I had planned to make this same needlework eventually!   It is originally from the Down to Earth blog... here.

I put it in this frame temporarily but I'm beginning to like it with that color of frame (which has been repainted so often, I don't remember the original color).  It is hung just below the bulletin board in My Room which has reminders of blog friends.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I am so happy you like it!

I can't wait to hear more about La Vita Vera...

Your buffet looks good - the flowers are so pretty!

Don't get me started about the weather! We had a freeze advisory last night!


Vee said...

Oh I just left Deanna's where she was discussing the value of a homemade gift. That sampler is adorable! Everything is looking delightfully fresh and light. Must confess that I groaned to see the thumbnail because I thought the dogwood blossoms were snow. That's just how crazy this spring has been.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

A wonderful week! Oh, and what a great gift! I want to make that pattern someday. I've been saying that ever since I first saw it on Rhonda's blog! Years ago, now! but maybe someday I actually will do it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dogwood! I thought the flowers on your buffet were real. They're really pretty. The entire display is delightful.

I am so ready to garden now! I already planted my scented geraniums and coleus despite the unusually cool, breezy weather. They needed to get out in the fresh air and sunshine after months of growing spindly on the windowsill. They spent a week hardening off on the porch in transparent storage containers. At night I cover them up with buckets and baskets so the wind won't shred them. This is a tough place to garden, but I can't give it up yet :)

Take care! Dee/NY

Reginas Cottage said...

hello brenda,
a wonderful week and a beautiful gift.
love your buffet.............and the flowers are so beautiful.
oh and i love your blog!!!
Have a nice day,