Friday, March 08, 2013

The mystery book...

In the comments, I was asked what the book was under my reading glasses.  I should have known Manuela would know what it is!  :)

The book is Little House in the Suburbs, more info here.   I hadn't started seriously reading it so it was not included in the picture.

I really (really) like this book as I need a lot of pictures as well as written advice.  I used to read their blog all the time.  It was fascinating to see how they grow their own food and such while living in a city.

As I wrote last Sunday, I've learned life is not all or nothing.  Just as I can no longer prepare Babbette's Feast, I still cook.  I can't set up an actual homestead but I can learn a lot from those who have.  :)

Note:  Yes, the link is an Amazon Associate's link, which I must put in writing and tell you.  Thank you all who enter Amazon through the Widget or an Associate's link. 

You bless me.  I was able to purchase the blender and a book with credit!


Vee said...

Phew...I'm glad that we don't have to be able to do it all. I'm so far from doing it all that it's not funny, but I have made a quilt block this morning. No plans of making a quilt, though it might make a pillow.

I'd hate to try to plant enough to actually be dependent upon. After my summer of experimentation with the raised bed, I told John that I'd just be happy to raise carrots and potatoes. He said that we could get those cheap at the Farmer's Market. Right. It would be great to have them if there were no Farmer's Market nor any food at the grocery and I've been seeing disturbing possibilities, but this summer, I'll return to herbs and flowers with very little thought for actually growing our own food. Our raised bed is going to be so lovely as a salad garden as that is where my mind is heading.

(Hope that you reported those wicked spammers to Blogger as you were going through them.)

Anonymous said...

This is the book I have been trying to get at the book store! Naturally the one time they did have it in I didn't
have the money! It looks to me like the best of the bunch on small homesteading. Please let us know what you think. I didn't know they had a they still have one? If they do could you tell us the name? It is cold and very rainy out today but I am thinking spring! Sarah

mdoe37 said...

My husband is very fond of the Plain Jane Ketchup recipe from that book. Simple to make and it lasts a good long time -- and you can't adjust the sugar. I haven't purchased ketchup since!

mdoe37 said...

Um.....can adjust, not can't.

mejores libros said...

I really (really) like this book as I need a lot of pictures as well as written advice. Interesting book.