Thursday, March 07, 2013

My World this Week

Snow Day!

There is something about the country schools closing that causes one (who has no children in the house) feel it is necessary to drink hot chocolate, enjoy French toast for breakfast, read, and watch a movie. :)

The above picture is of our garden area soon after the sleet turned to snow in the early evening Tuesday.  It went on to snow heavily all night.

Reading and Re-reading

I pulled Marriage To a Difficult Man off the shelf to reread.  It is one of my all time favorite biographies and was one of the first books I read in my quest to "stalk Jonathan Edwards".  :)

Falling Cloudberries is a beautiful cookbook by one of my favorite cookbook authors, Tessa Kiros.  That's the title on the paisley binding that is rather difficult to read.

Stephanie's Kindle loaned my Kindle Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure.  It's the story of how she learned to look at food and fitness as a Christian and overcame bulimia.  I'm currently reading it (before it returns to Steph's Kindle) to encourage me as I start walking again soon.

I happened to be at the grocery store the day it hit the newsstands.  :)

Keeping it Real
The only thing missing is my hot beverage...

Morning after the storm....

The view from the end of my gravel lane.

The new blender required some reshuffling but it finally all came together...  I had to move the vintage drawer to another room.

Longing to romp in the snow (or so she thinks)...

She sat in this position for so long, we thought she had fallen asleep.  No, she was pondering...


Rebecca said...

Wow! After seeing your coffee table (I think it is), I had to organize my own quickly! It needed it :)

Why do I enjoy seeing other peoples' spaces so much? Like your countertop... What DOES it say about me that I could spend many, many minutes just "looking"????

(Your snow picture is beautiful, by the way....)

Vee said...

Perhaps planning her escape...

(Molly gets so tired of being up to her ears in snow. She looks at us so pathetically, but we are not willing to go out in the night to shovel her a path...poor baby.)

Your world sure looks pretty and a bit treacherous, too. Glad that you passed the time sweetly or so it sounds. It seems that our storm has not yet materialized. Maybe it won't!

Checking to see how easy the WV is...oh not too bad today (otherwise, I'd copy and paste this into email and post it from the iPad).

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

I left a comment for you on my blog about the FoodSaver right underneath your comment. I am never sure how to go about answering or responding to comments, hope that is the proper way.

Love this post...I enjoy seeing your reading list. It inspires me to post about my reading list, as I have just found an interesting book about Beatrix Potter.

Stay warm and toasty!


Lori said...

Ohh! I love your red appliances! Thanks for sharing the picture:)

Keri said...

I read Marriage to a Difficult Man last year, and it was so inspirational to me on many levels. Definitely worth a re-read every couple of years! Falling Cloudberries both looks AND sounds scrumptious to read...

I must add that I'm jealous of your snow! Here in Louisville, KY, they first promised us up to 4 inches...then maybe 3...then downgraded it to 2...and in the end, we had less than an inch. I was just hoping for a "big hurrah" here at the end of winter so that my kids could get a proper snow play experience this year. Of course, they did get out and play in it anyway, but it was equal parts mud and snow by the time they had finished with that section of the yard! :-)

Tracey M. said...

I loved your post on Mom's Heart about the value of "The Story". I can relate so much to that! Now I'm following you here, and so glad. You have a wonderful blog.

I just put the Jonathan Edwards book on hold. I've been trying to get through a biography on Mary Todd Lincoln, but it's moving slowly so I think I'll like this one better.

Love the snow!

Anonymous said...

Pondering. Ha. Ha. That is cute. Where did she learn that?

Anonymous said...

What is the title of the book under your glasses? It looks interesting. Little House...?

Love your pictures, especially the ones of the snowy road and your red appliances.

suzanne said...

love the snow pix. i can almost hear the quiet...snow muffles all the noise and makes the world sound peaceful. i miss snow down here in sc. your kitchen looks like a very happy place.

Maggie from Stillness at Cherith said...

Beautiful, snowy scene =)
That reading table looks so interesting!
((hug)) for Victoria kitty!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Love all your red appliances!We woke up to just a dusting of snow yesterday but supposedly it's going to be in the 60's for the next few afternoons! March is crazy weather time in Georgia.

Are you enjoying Little House In the Suburbs? They have a blog but they don't post very often - maybe once a week.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love all your red appliances!

Your world looks delightful to me.


Anonymous said...

I just had to mention your picture of up your lane is soooo very beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this and allll the rest!!! :) ! Sarah

Heather L. said...

I haven't seen that Best of Britain Victoria -- I think it must be a must-have. Wonder if they are offering it free if one subscribes this year??? will have to check?