Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

Today's Saturday Post is a little different.  I'm sharing a dream I had a few weeks ago.  If you are not interested, scroll down to some good links right now.

The dream rattled me, in all it's Technicolor splendor.  One of those dreams that upon waking, I felt I was leaving reality and waking to the dream.  I soon became completely awake but the images left me shaken for days.

I was standing in the kitchen of a house when there was a boom and a bright light outside.   I knew something catastrophic had occurred so I got everyone together and herded them quickly downstairs to the basement.

After everyone was in the basement, someone began calling up to me to send down all the food I had in the house to feed them.  I began throwing down granola bars, cereal, peanut butter, and a couple other items... ending with a half open bag of Lay's potato chips, closed with one of the Chip Clips I keep in a drawer in the kitchen.

The voice came back to me, shouting the question, "Is that all you have?"  They then started shouting up the stairs that people will die if there is no more.  At the same time, it was as if God Himself was whispering in my ear, "I told you to stock up on food requiring no cooking".

Just after the Godly reprimand, I looked out the window and it was if I were floating in the air, looking at an airliner as it was trying to make it to an airport in time before "something" would overtake it.  But as I watched in horror, a cloud of some substance overtook it and cut off the engines so that it lost all power.

I woke up...

That was a little over two weeks ago and I still think of it.  Was it something I ate before going to bed or was God trying to tell me something?  I am not certain.  I do know since the dream, the desire to deepen the pantry has been more intense.

At least two Saturdays passed since then and I didn't share the dream because I didn't want to come across as someone on the other side of loopy.  So... I'm throwing it out to you all now and letting it fall wherever it lands (hoping you continue to read even if you think weird dreams are... weird).

Some really good links...

Down to Earth - The third part of Rhonda's series on Reducing the Cost of Living... here.  Lot of excellent ideas here.

7 Tips to Help You Prepare for Hard Times - These ideas are very practical, some things we should be doing anyway... like learning to use less energy in our homes.  You can find it... here.

Making Homemade Butter - Someone had once asked in the comments about making butter at home.  This post shows an easy way to do so in a mixer... here.

I remember when we were actively homeschooling, there was an activity one could do by putting heavy cream in a container and having the kids roll it back and forth as one would roll a beach ball.  Don't know if it worked, Christopher wasn't at all interested...


lynneinMN said...

I dont think you're loopy :-). sometimes you have to wonder if God is trying to speak to us in dreams. Maybe we are better at listening for His Voice when we are sleeping, rather than during the busyness of the day.
Thank you for your are an inspiration. Just finished reading "Frugal Pleasures"...its a keeper. God Bless...Lynne

Julie said...

Brenda, I really enjoy your blog and especially your pantry posts. The dream would have disturbed me as well, thank you for sharing it. I am also trying to deepen our pantry. Thanks for a great blog.

Ann said...

We've been storing some extra food for a few years and my theory has always been that if there is a catastrophic event of great magnitude, more than likely my convenient source of cooking may not be available or our limited supply of propane may run out. So we need to have on hand things that can be eaten without cooking if necessary. I keep a good stock of crackers (bread goes moldy), peanut butter, jelly, canned meats, canned fruits and canned vegetables, and energy bars. The vegetables can be eaten cold if absolutely necessary and certainly better than starving.

The freezer is well stocked as well and that food would be eaten first (especially if the electricity is out) -- but for long term survival, food that doesn't require cooking or at least very little cooking is a wise choice in my humble opinion.

And don't forget chocolate!!

Susan said...

I think dreams can be meaningful and this one sounds like it had important meaning. You are not loopy! Sometimes things are not literal but point to something else.

I pray that you will discern what it means for you, and along with that will have peace.

thanks for blogging -

Anonymous said...

I must say a dream like that would stay with me too. I am hearing rumblings of possible problems ahead from other God fearing bloggers. Not just that prices are climbing...that 'something' is going to happen. All seem to feel a heightened sense that we need to prepare and mainly to get and keep very close to God. It is not that I wasn't thinking like this before but the first post I read along these lines recently shook me up. I cannot say I have forgotten it since, but that peace God gives us has truly helped to calm me since. Keeping our eyes on Him as a focus is always the way to live and then to let Him show us what we as individuals should do. Never worry about sharing your dreams or thoughts if you feel a need. Sometimes that is what He might even want us to do. We keep a pretty good pantry. Yet no one really knows what event might happen so no one knows just how exactly to prepare. Even the hard core preppers keep adding things to their lists...and their lists are Very Long! :) Think of the simple ways God told his followers in the Bible to prepare for battles or anything. Sometimes it was the most unlikely way but through Him it was Just the thing needed. We should always read His instruction book and ask Him too for what we need to have ready. I know you already know this and I am preaching to the choir!! :) I do wonder why at times what the purpose of dreams are when He designed us. The Bible talks at times of dreams being interpreted some as you know. I agree. you are not loopy! Sarah

Vee said...

I take from your dream to be intentional about deepening the pantry. As long as one could be outdoors, campfires would be possible. Sterno? Hmmmm... I'm not planning for catastrophe and wouldn't want to last long if something truly catastrophic happened. I do believe that God still speaks to His children. I am hoping that now that you've shared this that you feel "at ease."

Pinned the butter link! Thanks!

Glenda said...

Hi Brenda,

Vivid dreams that are still with you long after you wake up, I truly believe are a message from God. We are entering into some very treacherous waters in the future and there is a reason He is telling those who will listen to stock up and prepare.

Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I log on each day to see how things are going at your home.

Blessings to you.

Nana said...

Hi Brenda;
Another wonderful blog! I do believe God sometimes communicates to us thru dreams and you are in a great position to do so! I never thought of having food that needs no cooking, I have been stocking up on foods that need cooking. Thank you for sharing that! Gods peace and blessings to you! Love and hugs, Nana

Anonymous said...

Brenda...I don't think your loopy, anyone would be shaken by that kind of dream. Like so many others I also feel there are tough times coming and although my pantry and freezer are very well stocked, how do we plan for every possible event? All we can do is plan for what we can see being a problem and trust God will provide and get us through whatever happens. One area I need to work on is plans for evacuation, at the very least a list of things we must take with us. Another is water, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle that and I'm thinking of canning some of the meat I have in the freezer which would make it easier to use if we were without power. Not to mention we wouldn't have to worry about it spoiling.

For anyone who has a charcoal grill, watch for sales on charcoal and stock up. This would be one way of cooking when the power is out. Thank you for your Blog..I look forward to reading it each Saturday. God bless, Marsha

Vicki in UT said...

When my husband was out of work, I frequently dreamed about moving/and/or/remodeling our house. The dreams quit when my husband got a job in another state and we moved. I think dreams can mean something, maybe not exactly the obvious message, but something. I think you already do what you can to prepare, but maybe concentrate a little more attention to things which are quick and easy or require little or no cooking. And maybe some alternate cooking methods, including haybox cooking and solar cooking. The solar cooking archives have lots of instructions for homemade solar cookers. I have used the solar funnel cooker, which is easy and cheap to make, and works.

TeresaAngelina said...

Hello Brenda - dreams can be from God, or from the Evil One, or just from our own heads. Usually they are something we are working through ourselves. You have been ruminating and writing for so long about pantry living and have written about your fears for the bet is that it is from yourself. Please do not fear; the Lord is indeed very near. He did not promise a life without problems but did promise to be with us in them; no matter the outcome for us personally.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Not loopy at all. I agree with Susan that many dreams aren't literal (but are more symbolic). I once read that dreaming about the basement was a representation of the subconscious, for what it's worth. :). That being said it never hurts to have, as you say, a deep(er) pantry! If it were my dream I think I'd do a bit of extra stocking up and,of course, appeal to Heaven for Divine intervention and use the power of prayer invoking His protection, healing/restoration of our nation and world.
One thing Mike always reminds me is that fear is the opposite of faith and what we focus on grows. It always comforts.
Tracey xox

Anonymous said...

In some emergency situations NO FIRES inside OR out. Gas lines may be ruptured in the neighborhoods and so fires {or explosions?} could happen. We are told to not use barbecue outside or camp fires if an earthquake happens. fires usually kill more than the earthquakes. Not to even light a match to light a candle if you smell gas at all. Now they have so many LED lanterns etc and I think this is all good. Actually I find my clip on book light is good to use as a little flashlight. Mine use AAA batters , not the round expensive ones. The light has two brightnesses and the batteries seem to last forever it . Also since it clips on to the top of the book for book reading it also clips on to a blouse placket or pocket so hands free lighting. Really a good emergency light I think..small and good for a single person. Were your pantry supplies low in the eat without cook type? I was rethinking if mine are. Also I have a good can opener in that area but will get at least one another. I can imagine they will be sorely needed by someone if not us. I think I will hang the can opener in a zip lock bag on the side of the shelf with the canned goods. Very visible. I have been thinking what non electric things I have to use in the kitchen. Replacing the electric ones if electricity is off. Like the older hand mixers and food grinder I have etc. Also saving any plastic utensils we get from take out or such. Sarah

Susan Humeston said...

I'm thinking your dream is a reflection of your own fears - we all have them. The whisper in the ear sounds more like Satan than God - "I told you so" sounds more accusatory and not at all what God would say. He would provide for you, not berate you for not preparing properly. You haven't been reading Joel Rosenberg's books, have you? I just finished "Damascus Countdown" and loved it, but it is end-of-the-worldish, so it could affect our fears and dreams.