Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My World this Week

Memories of summer...
My past week has been a combination of doing and remembering... 

Both the doing of stuff now and the remembering of flowers in May (as sleet is blasting against my window as I write). 

New copy of a favorite magazine, Classic favorite Schaeffer book (No Little People)...
Old and New
I don't know why I always find this scene amusing...

Working - 1
Sorting through files...

Working - 2
Perhaps the most colorful area in my house.
Vintage Photos
The little country girl is moi'.  In the oval frame is my parent's wedding photo (they were 40-ish).

Nosey Neighbors
I love driving up the gravel lane and seeing that cute face waiting and watching.

Purchased at Cracker Barrel for just a few dollars...  Manuela, they have rooster stuff!

It has become apparent that my laptop (I think) is not long for this world.  It has been a faithful workhorse but is showing signs of age.

Aren't we all?


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It's so funny because I'm not terribly fond of the food at Cracker Barrel, but I love their little store!

Yes, the phone amongst the vintage canisters is an interesting juxtaposition.Love the flower photo. I'm so ready to go out and work in my garden but the weather is still cold even if it is sunny.

Sorry to hear about your laptop. I hope it can hang on for a bit longer!

Anonymous said...

I've about given up on having a winter down here in SC. It has been so mild and rainy. I'm ready for spring now and with it, I hope, a burst of energy for some much-needed cleaning - inside and out. You just inspired me to buy geraniums this spring! Gorgeous picture. I am SO looking forward to heading to Lowe's to do some flower shopping. Daffodils have been up and blooming for a couple weeks now. I understand your longing for spring as I used to live in the north where we once had 30 inches snowfall the end of October!

Rebecca said...

What a homey, welcoming place your post is this morning! It's rain/sleet/ice here, too. Hopefully it'll warm up and not do any damage.

I've baked and frosted a sheet cake to take to Lenten luncheon tomorrow and am waiting for a friend to arrive to "bounce a skit off of me" for our Ladies' Tea the first of May....

...and yes, I'm showing signs of age, too :)

Vee said...

I could spend a lot in Cracker Barrel's gift shop. I don't, but I rarely leave without buying something even if it is vintage candy as in candy we used to find and don't find just anywhere anymore NOT "old" candy. ☺ Sleet heading our way, too. Ugh.

Terra said...

This is a warm and friendly post full of goodies. "No Little People" is an intriguing title and the cat looks cute peeking through the curtains.
I planted some Stock today, called Vintage Lilac, and they have a cinnamon scent.

Judy said...

Loved that the file headings I could read were about decorating!!! Maybe I'd feel more inclined to catch up on my filing if that's what I kept there - bank statements, tax receipts...not so much. :-)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Great photos!

Lovely photo of your parents! and of sweet wee Brenda!

I am now longing for spring! We are getting rain, maybe up to an inch!

I like your sign! Just my colors!