Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brenda and the blustery day

Oh, my... the weather was horrible all day Tuesday.  When I walked out to the mailbox, there was enough sleet on the ground to crunch below my feet.

At the risk of sounding like I'm whining... which, of course, I am... my head hurts and both Victoria and I are missing her sunbeam.  She loves to warm her fur by stretching out on the carpeting where the sunbeam comes to visit.

A trip into town today is necessary in spite of continued "weather", as we are out of a few essentials... like trash bags.  I just used the last extra large Goodwill bag that would suffice.

February has never been my favorite month.

Sigh... enough complaining.  I spent about an hour last night perusing some Kindle samples.  I do love that aspect of the Kindle, being able to download a sample of a book.  I do it quite often even for books I'm thinking of putting on my Wish List in their "pages between covers" format.

Last night I had a couple John Piper book samples to read through and a sample of Eat That Frog.  I was curious after Stephanie had talked about it earlier yesterday.   Even the Introduction was inspirational!

I need that kind of inspiration right now, something to encourage one to check off some of their To Do list beyond that which must be done every day.

I do thank you ALL again who enter Amazon through the widget.  I've been without a blender for about a year now since my old one broke.  I now am the owner of a shiny red (of course) Oster thanks to Amazon credit.   Healthy smoothies are once again on the menu.

I knew it was scheduled for delivery today but imagine my surprise when I checked Amazon this morning to track it and the status was... in large letters... DELIVERED.  Really?  I looked on my front porch and sure enough.... there was a box.

UPS comes in the morning but our mail arrives in the very late afternoon.  I forgot it was coming UPS.  So there was a reason I was confused.  But even then, it is rather strange to look online and know there is a package on one's front porch.

Sigh... it is 32 degrees so more "snow mixed with rain" is falling on the deck.  Which is why there are pictures of last year's garden and deck (prior to the drought and intense heatwave).  I need to remember that beneath the frozen ground lies daffodils and green grass and the promise of growing things.


Vee said...

It is fun to do that...look online to find a package already on the deck. ☺ Speaking of deck, what a sweet photo taken of yours. I love those little chickens under the plant...darling.

We tried going to our new library yesterday to get new cards so we can do a few more things on the Kindle and iPad...closed. Will try again. Now I didn't know that samples could be downloaded...that is a good feature since so many books turn out to be not quite what I'd hoped. I'm growing more particular all the time.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Ooh fun!

I am ready now for spring!


Carol said...

What a gorgeous garden you had!! (in MD)

cairncottage said...

Hi, Brenda. I found your blog, while searching for cottage and garden blogs on the internet! What a sweet blog you have! Your garden photos from last year are beautiful! I love gardening, too! I also reign from the Midwest (Indiana)! We are having a messy snowstorm, aren't we! I'm also a Christ follower and believe the best relationship is one in the Lord! I am following your blog now, and would love for your to stop over and say 'hi' at my two blogs and

Love, in Christ, ❤Ann

Heather L. said...

I'm so glad you could get a new blender!!!! Speaking of Eat That Frog....I've been using that technic and analogy all week with one of my kids who hates to get things done, procrastinates, and gets upset. Our code word is "eat the frog". :) He seems to have latched on a bit.....

Anonymous said...

Have you checked your local library for book loans for your Kindle?