Friday, January 18, 2013

My word for the new year...

I normally wax poetic about the word I've chosen for the new year here on CTB&Me.

However, I decided to write about it for my Mom Heart article this month.  It was odd this year for I did not choose my word, rather it chose me!

As one of my favorite radio personalities would say... for the rest of the story click... hereWell, he would not have used the expression "click".  ;)

While you are there, check out the new look by clicking on the HOME button!   A lot of changes are being made, hopefully it will be easier to comment.  It isn't quite finished but it already looks beautiful.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Read your post earlier today and must say that is a great word. The Lord has used it in my life to give me a different perspective!


Anonymous said...

What a great post. I do use a gratitude journal daily, and what a blessing it is.
I'm going to go get scrabble letters RIGHT now and spell out my word.
Thank you!

TeresaAngelina said...

Hmmm...where did the idea of an annual word come from? Any idea? Another of my associates did so last year so I did too and it actually had me find you as my word was "frugal." This year, the word has friends and like you, it chose me: Forward. Forever and always forward.
May your journey into God's Grace be filled with thankfulness.

Front Porch Grace said...

Love the word. We share it. It's one of my three.

Thankful, Grace, and Action...

Yes, I have been moved to action by our sister, Ann Voskamp.

Thankful and grace have been two words that God has me camping in since 2010. Yes, I do need to live there. Daily. Monthly. Yearly. I arrive there moment by moment.

Thank you for sharing your heart.
Christ is so easy to see in your posts.

In His grace,