Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Pantry Suggestions

My inherited yellow antique chimney cabinet is the most commented on item in my home!

Gosh, it feels like I've been away on Saturdays just forever!  So I thought I'd post today what I planned to share at the beginning of January, which is my pantry Show and Tell.

As I have written, I use January as my time to prepare a clean slate in my home.  This always includes organizing the kitchen shelves.   My "deeper" pantry shelves are in the garage, just as I walk out the door from the family room.  They will receive attention when it gets a little warmer!

In the meantime, I organized my warm and cozy kitchen and even did a little tweaking of the walls, which I will show later in the week.  I have a rather small kitchen and not many cabinets so I have to use them wisely and I do tend to organize them again at the beginning of each season with my Little Bit at a Time way of working.

I have some unusual items in my pantry that my husband brings home from the food pantry!  But it is fun trying to incorporate them into my menus. 

I keep the kosher salt, Lawry's seasoned salt, and Mrs. Dash on this shelf instead of in the spice pantry.

These are the shelves I use the most and I do try to keep them organized as much as possible.  They start getting jumbled when I try to put too many things in them.

This is the left hand side of those cabinets.  Between Christmas and "the flu", I pulled everything out of my shelves and checked the dates.  Time goes quickly and I was quite surprised to find a few boxes far past their use by date.

I can write more about that at another time but while I will use canned goods far past their date (if the can is not swollen or the food smell funny... never taste it to see if it is good!) but boxed items don't last as long past their date.  With the exception of things like whole oats and the quinoa above!

Oh, and pasta... dried pasta has an exceptionally long shelf life.  I don't know if it shows but I do tape up the pasta boxes when I don't use all of it after opening.

I tape often used recipes to the inside of my kitchen cabinets, too.  :)

I love my yellow cabinet.  Stephanie gets it when I go to that big kitchen in the Sky.  She staked a claim and has let her brother know about it already as well as telling her father if he ever tries to refinish away the beautiful chippy yellow and red... well, I shiver to think of the consequences.

The top shelf holds mostly the "sweet" spices, that being those used in baking.  As you can see, it also has such things as peppercorns, just because there is room on that shelf.  The glass Ball jar holds homemade vanilla.

The second shelf holds the "savory" spices, extracts (because they fit better there), and my bulk and homegrown herbs-spices.

The third shelf holds a hodge podge of pantry items.  Notice that Peter Pan peanut butter?  It is in this cabinet as it is an important part of a cookie recipe.  That's usually why you will find something in this cabinet that could go into the other... I want to keep it back for a recipe!

This basket has been great for holding bags of leftover "chocolate" chips, etc.

What you can't see (much) on the bottom shelf behind the big packages... all my baking items like sprinkles, cupcake and candy papers, etc. as well as a few cake mixes.

I hope you liked my Show and Tell!   I'll show the red shelves where I keep the bulk items again soon.


loralie said...

such a cute cabinet! I like the yellow & "distressed" look. If Stephanie changes her mind, it would match my yellow kitchen cabinets....just saying

Anonymous said...

I love that cabinet. It looks like it might be from the forties. ??
Much more solid than those plywood things the stores sell nowadays.

That's a good idea keeping the spices on turntables so you don't have to rummage around looking for them. I keep mine in a plastic basket that can be pulled out but the turntable is a better idea. Thanks.

Judy said...

The cabinet is lovely - and like me, I see you like the red and white 'gingham check' lidded jam jars. I keep all kinds of things in mine, and they never fail to feel cheerful in the kitchen.

rebecca said...

I love, LOVE seeing how other people organize their cabinets/cupboards. (And your chimney cabinet is wonderful, by the way.)

I enjoyed the peek at how you taped recipes to the inside of your cabinet doors. I have a few that I use all the time stuck into the cracks on mine. I will definitely spread them out and use tape. Why DIDN'T I think of this?????

Over the coffee maker, I've also taped directions for cleaning it inside the door. I use the columns of the directions to write down the date when I clean it and change the filter in the Brita water pitcher....

It's so interesting to see how we develop our organizational systems (and fun to improve them with ideas we get from others).

Nadege said...

Oh, I do enjoy a show and tell post. I always wonder what lies behind other people's cabinet doors. This was definitely a treat and will maybe serve to coax me into organizing my own shelves.

Have a great weekend.

Buttercup said...

I don't think I can share my cabinets without blushing. You've given me some good ideas and I will sort out at least one cabinet this weekend. Thanks!

mdoe37 said...

I'm going to print off a picture of that cabinet and put it in my idea book. I have a small walk in (weird) closet off my kitchen, maybe 5x8 or so. I installed shelves on one side and those press board cupboards on the other. Not homey looking . .. and certainly not as tidy as yours!!

Am I seeing a recipe that says Farmgirl Butter Cookie Pie Crust? that sounds yummy!!

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishing said...

i will look for one of those.... I am needing something to store dry goods in :)

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas...thanks for sharing!
Elizabeth in VA now

Vee said...

Oh your cabinets and mine look much alike. I also tape oft-used recipes to the inside of my cupboard door. (I need a chimney cabinet in my kitchen for added space.) Just cleaned out my little under-the-counter pantry and nearly got stuck down there. It wasn't pretty. I am asking John to please help me think of a better way and a better place to store things. It's impossible!

Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it!

Cay Gibson said...

I love your Saturday pantry posts. :) was so happy to see a new one posted. :)

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I did enjoy your show and tell! I do love your yellow cabinet!

The potato pancake mix-I've never seen it before - didn't know it existed. I LOVE potato pancakes w/homemade applesauce. I rarely make it though.

It's always fun to have a look into people's cupboards (and bookshelves)!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your pantry (it is so neat and organized). Makes me feel good to keep learning new hints and helps even as the years go by. Glad you are feeling well enough to get some projects done. Blessings, Sharon D.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I absolutely love your yellow cabinet! What an awesome piece of furniture. :O)

Front Porch Grace said...

I think I have commented on it before, but that cabinet and all of your decor surrounding is so quintessential of charming, cozy, and welcoming decor. Love it. Yellow and red, perfectly cheerful for the heart of the home.

Really enjoyed "peeking" into the cabinets, thanks for sharing!

Baskets for those odds and ends are perfect. Gotta love organization that looks adorable, too.


The Journey said...

I found out crackers are horrible beyond their date. flavor took while to leave my mouth. I do use can goods beyond the date. I see familar jars- I use mine for spices too and they make wonderful individual desert containers- cheese cake - puddings etc.

Anonymous said...

Love your yellow cabinet ! Thanks for sharing :-)