Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mums and stuff

Aren't these beautiful?  I bought the two mums for $1.98 each about six weeks ago... as I had been taught, choosing those which had just enough blooms to tell the color but mostly in the bud stage.  So they have had a long life.

When it started getting hot again, I repotted them into this flowerpot I already owned.  They have been the centerpiece on our dining table ever since. 

I have a collection of teacups with a chrysanthemum theme, too.  They have been fairly easy to find while thrifting over the years.

This recent buffet display shows a few of them in an otherwise theme of the color lavender.  Since I don't have a mantel in this house, the buffet top is where I change pretty things once in awhile.

Here is what the full zinnia bouquet looked like.  I just put fresh zinnias in the Ball jar this morning but I have not had time to take a picture.  The recent rains have refreshed my zinnia flowers!

Isn't it just astounding what beauty one can get from a $2.00 seed package and a lot of patience?   Whenever I plant zinnias, I think of my father all these years later.  :)

Regarding the family drama:

Thank you for the kind comments about our having to break from that relationship.  It was a difficult decision because my husband is the person's legal financial guardian and now he has requested papers to change that immediately.  He does have a professional already assisting so the change should be easy.

He has warned the individual and other family members this day would come if circumstances did not change.  Instead, they have become so much worse that this family member was not invited to the wedding due to concerns they would make an unwanted scene.  

So what changed it this time?  There came a day when we realized the emotional poison the other person is bringing to our family is far greater than the grace to handle it.   Even though hubby knew the decision may make him persona non grata in his family.  Yes, the person involved knew hubby had just come through surgery and was in pain during this last meltdown.

The Scripture that we discussed (and gave us peace)  was how even God withdrew grace and handed over people to their own "reprobate mind" after a season of grace.  It is in the end the decision of the person who chooses to continue their behavior that causes the decision... not the one who has to make it.

He says he feels like an enormous weight has lifted from his shoulders.


sherry said...

mums are my favorite flower. especially white mums. your table setting is lovely, brenda.

thank you for sharing a bit about the 'drama.' you've no idea how your words have touched my heart. i'll be sharing with my husband later. while i'm so sorry you've been experiencing drama, God has spoken through your thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!

You and your hubby didn't need all that hassle on top of surgery. Hope he is feeling better and all is well now.

Ann said...

It certainly sounds like you made the right decision for you and your husband. Sometimes we can only do so much, then the other party has to do their part. If they do not, there is not anything we can do about it; they made their decision. As you indicated, that's really what God was doing as He dealt with Israel. And it is, in fact, what He still does with us today.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

The mums are lovely. I don't usually get that intense pink color, but I'm going to look for it this year. It makes me happy to look at it!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Beautiful! Do they come back for you when you plant them in the ground?

D said...

B. New to your blog...the more I read the more I thought we could be related (well, at least have things in common!) Prayed for your hubby and 'situation'
Picked some golden mums this morning. Don't you just love the way the stems smell as good as the flowers. oh, that term. My kids always called it my Y2K-cellar. (Even when we moved and very little was placed in the cellar). Blessings, D.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

"Isn't it just astounding what beauty one can get from a $2.00 seed package and a lot of patience?"

I love your life philosophy Brenda and am in complete agreement!

Your potted mums are simply lovely...thanks for the tip on choosing them and repotting to make them last so long!


LauraC said...

I really appreciate your honesty regarding the difficulties in your life. We are now dealing with a family member that seems on the road to a breakdown. She receives professional help, so that is not the issue, but is so focused on the "wrong things" that she cannot see clearly that she is ignoring common sense. We are not yet anywhere near where you and your husband have to be in your situation, but it still helps to know others go before us.

Anonymous said...

I remember over a year ago or more you mentioned a person with a problem that was causing the family a lot of pain and problems. I remember the relationship but will not mention it now. You said at the time there might come a day...and that day came. I know it is bothering you but you did the best you could..and for the longest you could. Now it is to move on from here and try to put it behind you as much as possible knowing you both did your very best. By the way the mums are beautiful !! :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Love the mums. Guess its time to pick some up.

Vee said...

If he is feeling that much at peace about it, I'm convinced that it was exactly the right decision.

Your mums are so beautiful. I chose a mum that was also tight with buds. I'm hoping that the color is a buttercream. My zinnias are going to get a good cutting for a bouquet tomorrow. I just love them.

Debbie said...

Love the flowers!

Nana said...

Hi Brenda; Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your hubby, and praying for closure to your situation. May the Peace of Jesus rule in your hearts! Love, Nana.
PS. Love your mums!!

HeatherMavis said...

It's so hard to come a decision like that and some of us christians seem to think we've got to continue on with relationships - to always be the first to forgive. Well, I've been receiving a lesson or two in this subject lately.On our christian radio station I heard someone talking about this too. Forgiveness can be established by just one party but you need both parties to forgive for there to be reconciliation.
It may actually be the best thing for a" poisonous person" to be ignored. They always seem to be the kind that like to control people . There just may change for their good when they find out they can't control you.
Thanks for the flower choosing tip. I already knew something like that but this clarified it. Mums have never been a favorite but I've come to have a new appreciation for them . Mix them in with favorites to capture the season.

Front Porch Grace said...

There is a lovely flower arrangement in the middle of my table in a jar right now. It is made up of orange, white, and pink zinnias, deep red amaranth, white/pink sedum, and orange/ yellow lantana all from the garden. It looks like fall and reminded me of your pic of your zinnias.

Thanking God that your family has set needed boundaries. May peace be yours.