Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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We've had some family drama going on here which.... after much prayer... has resulted in having to break a relationship with an extended family member that has become too toxic for both hubby and I to deal with (believe me, grace has been extended for decades).

As we were discussing the situation, I was making dinner... talking and assembling is never a good idea... and you know what I found out?  If you make Jewel's Crustless Quiche and forget to put the milk in, it makes a delicious eggy pancake in the casserole dish.  Sheesh...

I've promised to share some inexpensive dinner ideas and this is a favorite, especially when prepared as it should be.  You can find the "recipe" in this blog post (I do miss Jewel's blogging, don't you?)... here.

Yes, Vee... how you do remember!  I have repeated the entire story of September 11th each year and decided to do something else this time.  The events of the day changed our future.

If you are new to this blog or want a refresher post, you can find "the rest of the story"... here.

I did a little research and found the name of the Docudrama I was watching last week (at the VA hospital) is called After Armageddon.  No wonder it was depressing.  :)

I only saw part of it and I must say it is fascinating.  The Docudrama can be seen on You Tube... here.

Hubby is recovering nicely, it seemed overnight he went from "barely able to walk" to my having to remind him BE CAREFUL for the first three weeks!


Anonymous said...

“... talking and assembling is never a good idea... and you know what I found out? If you make Jewel's Crustless Quiche and forget to put the milk in, it makes a delicious eggy pancake in the casserole dish. Sheesh...”

This made me laugh out loud. I’m glad it was delicious even with it being in a different state than what was expected. I always found it easier (and safer) to cook or bake when no one else was at home. I was always lucky that my kids talked almost constantly when they were still living at home. Only problem was that it was hard for mom to concentrate sometimes on the task at hand. : )


Angela said...

Brenda, That is so brave. It is good you and hubby are in agreement.I would be willing to bet said relative was the center of universe even though your husband was the one who had surgery. Well maybe that is just my experience... Angela

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Hi Brenda, so sorry to hear about the drama...sometimes distancing yourselves is the only way to cope with these situations. Happy to hear that your husband is recuperating so nicely.
P.S. Got a great laugh over the "After Armageddon" title... and the pancake-like quiche. :)))

Vee said...

Family drama...never fun. I get it. Perhaps your stand will mean a shift.

I remember everything. Ha! Don't believe a word I say.

Oh dear...perhaps you had a happy accident with the quiche and you saved yourself some milk!

Debbie said...

I am so sorry that you found yourself in such a toxic relationship and had to end it. Sadly, we have been there in the past and have found ourselves in a very similar situation at the moment. :( Praying for you and your hubby.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy and empathy. We have had to do something similar recently ourselves. I HATE these situations where there is no solution really. I so long for the Kingdom to come...we are oh so weary of these kind of situations. Many hugs, Brenda.
Elizabeth in NC (for a few more weeks)

mdoe37 said...

I've always said that its too bad that you can't pick your relatives like you do your friends. . . . I suspect most of us might chose different relatives. Sometimes folks like that take advantage of grace extended for their bad behavior. I think they realize they have a longer leash. I'm glad you've done what's best for your household.

Hmm. . .I've never made a quiche. I wonder if I can sneak it past the other half.