Thursday, August 02, 2012

This, that, and Facebook...

We are back in the heat and humidity, you know it has been a hot summer when the 80's feel downright cool.  It was so nice outside for a few days.

I'm enjoying having a Coffee Tea Books and Me Facebook page (link on the sidebar).  I must admit I absolutely love Facebook even though I was brought into it kicking and screaming by my children. 

As I write this, I'm talking to Christopher on Facebook... which is somewhat like rubbing my head and running at the same time.

Facebook enables me to communicate with the kids as well as longtime and long ago friends.  Not to mention being able to "Like" all kinds of homesteading, decorating, Christian living, local stores, political causes, and now crochet blogs/websites.  :)

Feel free to ask questions on the Facebook page as questions asked in Comments so often are forgotten.  I also post some pictures there not shown here.

Speaking of questions, a reader wanted to see a picture of Victoria since she's thinking of getting a Maine Coon (I highly recommend the breed, as does Martha Stewart). 

We see Maine Coons on commercials once in awhile and many look like Victoria.  We ask her what she is doing with all that modeling money coming in.

I've been tweaking the Living Room just a little.  I've never liked the way the teapot blended in with the plate behind it but I wasn't sure what would work better. 

Then I saw in a magazine (hmmm... Victoria?) where a homemaker had combined silver with transferware china.  Eureka!

I love the way it looks now.  I'll be doing some further changing around and tweaking when Mrs. Christopher takes the Royal Albert Lavender Rose in the china cabinet. I will either move some of the brown transferware there or display Great Grandmother's Victorian china again.

Sigh, speaking of dishes... the dish fairy has not shown up to do the dishes stacked in the sink.  I had better get to work!


Angela said...

Where is that fairy this morning? Good helps is soooo hard to find! :) Angela

Vee said...

Ohhh...the silver does look nice with Friendly Village. Very nice. It's always intriguing to see the pieces you've collected that I don't know about like the small platter that I recognize because of the little house in the has a unique shape and I may not be calling it correctly to label it a platter. And I love your tea pot and still haven't managed to round one up. I'm putting it on my Christmas wish list.

Ahhh, t'would be lovely if Victoria were bringing in some modeling money. She's so pretty...hope that she's staying cool.

Front Porch Grace said...

Oh I could just squeeze Victoria. (Though I am sure that would most likely offend her kitty sensibilities.) That look in the second picture. I love it when kitties do that. *squee*

We really enjoy Facebook as a family and use it as a major communication tool. Saves us on phone calls which may keep us from various duties.

Rebecca said...

I really like facebook, too....but don't want to abandon blogging. I've kind of figured out the reasons that I use each type of technology and try not to "blur the edges" :)

tpals said...

Oh no! You've gone to the Dark Side! I tried facebook, hated it, and choose to never go back.

I love the teapot in front of the silver - lovely contrast.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

The silver is a great combination with your transfer ware!

Miss Victoria is such a beauty! I like facebook too. I am going to run over to your page now to say Hi!


Echoes From the Hill said...

Hey, the dish fairy is in my house!
Often, I wake up to find the dishwasher emptied, and the dishes put away. Love that dish fairy!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty how the teapot reflects in the silver tray behind it.
Love the pictures of Victoria. Give her a tummy rub from me.