Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Cultivating Home as Sanctuary (Mom Heart)

There is something about the words... coming home... that create the loveliest of images in my mind... a place of Sanctuary from the storms which batter from the outside world.

I truly believe our homes are a blank canvas in which each homemaker creates Art for those she loves.  A home whose meals, and bookshelves, and colors, and garden, and art, and music, and traditions... all tell the story of the family that lives within.

If there is one feature I've noticed over the years that I have found in every home I consider warm and cozy... it is not a big house, or expensive furniture, or even peace and quiet...

Want to read the rest of the story?  I'm over at Mom Heart today... here.  :)

Photo of the Gulf Coast by my sister-friend Belinda


Rebecca said...

I read it - over at Mom's Heart. I loved this post, Brenda. I feel warm, inspired, and full of peace and joy after reading it. Home = Sanctuary. Indeed.

Front Porch Grace said...

Really confirming and timely.

Unknown said...

This has been on my heart and mind of late, too ... love how the Lord confirms His plans through others.
Catherine :)

Anonymous said...

This is so true and so wonderfully said. I wish I could have read something like this back when I was a young wife and mother. I always felt inadequate because I felt my home didn't "measure up" to everyone else's. I'm slowly learning not to compare myself, or my home, with others as much. Has taken me a long time! Thanks so much for sharing this.
Laura C.

Anonymous said...

This post really resonated with me as I believe a home should definitely be a sanctuary. Mine hasn't been much over the years. But I keep hoping I can get that feeling in it. thanks so much for writing this.

Anonymous said...

This post stirred up so much emotion as i read. Your words are lovely, encouraging...and they also made me a little sad-reflective as it were! My hubby and I have had our physical home in several places over our 23+ yr marriage. But wherever we were, we worked on maintaining certain activities so our kids felt at home as much as possible. Your are so right...home is a secure place. No matter how many times we moved, the kids seemed very secure. I hope they were...they have, over the years, told us they did. The little sadness came because our family is at a crossroad once again. Only this time, it's our older kids moving out and off to college! I wonder sometimes...will they still want to come "home"? Have we established the right kind of relationship with them that they will always know they can come "home"...to security and love? Yep...that empty nest is quickly approaching...we have 2 more at home and they are starting high school in just a few weeks times. 4 years...we will be on the other side of home schooling 0_0. 8 years and they will all be "done". Home..."perfect"? Nope. Safe, secure, full of love...I hope so :0). Thanks for your lovely words!

Carol said...

Not only was the article beautifully written but the photo at the top of the page was gorgeous too. (in MD)