Friday, June 29, 2012

It's hot, it is very hot...

My camera lens fogged up when I walked outside this morning!

According to Time & Temperature, it got up to 105 yesterday although "only" 103 at the TV Station.  More 100+ temps forecast for today.

I figure it was a very good thing I harvested all the lettuce the day before.  It looks lovely, doesn't it?  What you can't see are the yellow, dead leaves near the soil. 

Thankfully, I was able to cut off enough beautiful lettuce for at least three big salads.

The rows where the lettuce was growing has been hoed and waiting for bush beans to be planted. 

I do have two rows growing nicely already, as well as my pole beans (above) growing in another raised bed but the new plantings should be ready in August.

The kale will be the next veggie harvested completely, with temperature highs to be 90's or 100's in the long term forecast.

At least today it is humid (as shown in the first picture above).  While not comfortable for humans, it is a lot better for growing things!

Reminder:  If you live in a drought area, put some containers of water around for animals who may  not have any source of water.  We have a small lake and a large river within a few miles but that may be too far for small woodland creatures.

My prayers continue for the folks in Colorado!  All fireworks have now been outlawed here, I'm sure seeing those pictures helped make those decisions.


Vee said...

Oh, is that what kale is supposed to look like? Mine looks pitiful. It's drowning.

What a sweet thought to share some water with the forest animals. The creek is full here. Again, wish I could share.

Share the ways you stay cool some day! (I hope that you are staying cool.)

Anonymous said...

I use soaker hoses in the garden and keep several small low bowls in the garden boxes. They collect the water than sprays in their direction. That way if the bird bath gets low or the other water areas in the yard the wild things will have some water. It is easy and it works. I could not find kale seed this year and our stores threw out all their garden seed by June 1. Even the seeds that could be planted now for fall and winter harvesting as I live in a warm area. What are they thinking? So I need to buy seed in the spring for all your plantings for that year. Our stores do not replenish the seed. what stock they get first thing in the spring is all they get for the year!! I hope you can stay cool today. Your garden looks beautiful! Sarah

Mrs. V. said...

I also love the idea of leaving water out for whatever little creatures need it. Right now, we have a little wild cat that has been staying around our house and yard. I always make sure there is some water and kitty kibble left on the porch for her.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It's over a 100 hundred here as well and last night our ac stopped working! Fortunately I was able to get an early afternoon repair appointment and $300's too hot outside for the ac to cool the house down to where I'm comfortable! Ugh a whole weekend of record heat.

Your veggies look great! This heat will probably do the rest of my kale in - we have enjoyed it for a long time so I can't complain.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Your kale looks great! My Dad's has been nibbled on by something that has had a delightful meal!

We had a big thunderstorm here last night that brought rain, which is good because after a wet spring we have had little rain.

It was 98 here yesterday - hot! I had to bring a cooler and ice packs to keep my dairy products and meats cool while running errands and getting groceries!


Heather L. said...

Your lettuce is gorgeous! I should probably go pick mine. I hope it hasn't gone bitter in this heat. A lot of it is in shade from the other veggies in the garden though.....I am loving my square foot garden (not in raised beds) and must work to perfect it even more next year. It sure takes a lot of work though!

Echoes From the Hill said...

I have the same blue enamelware coffee pot (Goodwill) that you have on your porch, and the same size American flags, so I borrowed (stole?) your idea and have it on a red and white checked tablecloth in my family room. Thanks for the inspiration!

Front Porch Grace said...

We were putting water out for the animals and birds, too.

We have experienced many uncomfortable record highs while you were, too. Now it is "cooling off" -pretty bad when 90s are being considered as "cooling off" - and we have rain! Praise God.