Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Dance...

I mentioned in a post that Christopher (via his sister) chose the Garth Brooks song called The Dance for the mother-son dance at his wedding reception.

It truly is one of my favorite songs even if it does make me cry... as do most sad songs.  My family does not share my love for sad country songs although Christopher did start going around the house singing another Garth song when he was around nine years old... that being I've Got Friends in Low Places.  It was after that I stopped playing the country music video channel on TV... sigh.

I believe we hold fast to the music we heard in the crib and danced to as a four year old and were sung to by mother when the fevers raged in childhood.  For me that was country music, even if my parents moved "up north" when expecting me for a new job opportunity.

A few years ago, Christopher was once asked why he had so many 1990's contemporary Christian  songs on his iPod.  He realized it was the music his sister used to sing around the house, along with show tunes such as Disney's Beauty and the Beast, when he was a kid.

I can't hear an Elvis song without thinking of my sister, Joan.  Hubby remembers his mother when we play Willy Nelson's 1970's Stardust CD... which is hilarious because my mother-in-law hated country music but loved the songs on this album (such as Blue Skies and the title song).  His mother and father's vinyl collection were mostly Big Band sounds.

Anyhoo, I've been looking for a copy of the original Garth Brooks video of The Dance and finally found one earlier this week.  I think it best shows why I love the message of the song.

Yes, we could have missed a lot of the pain and suffering we have gone through in this world if we had played it safe and never cared and never reached out and never really lived life... but we would have missed the lovely days, too.

Life, my friends... no matter how hard... is still a God given dance.

Warning:  Some advertisements shown after this video are not the best so stop it when it is over!

People shown in the video are:

John Wayne
President John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Lane  Frost (Rodeo star)
Keith Whitley (country music singer)
The crew of the shuttle Challenger


Jane said...

That's lovely, a beautiful song, especially with the video! I don't think I've heard it before, but I'll definitely listen - and watch - again! Brings back so many memories - so poignant!

Anonymous said...

I love the song I hope you the moment I can't think of the female western artist's name but I love the makes me think of my children and my wishes for them. Music is a huge part of life I think. We grew up with so much of it from music lessons to music classes through out the school years to 78s and 33 1/3 records played at home. Christmas songs and carols and Thanksgiving songs and many many patriotic songs. The songs of our teen years. The bands marching in parades with their marching music. The movie theme songs. The many beautiful orchestra classics some we even heard in our cartoons and western tv shows! :) And the many, many, many Christian hymns and into the contemporary praise songs. How many children now know these songs that were so much a part of our lives? How they have all enriched our lives. !! Thank you for reminding me again of the richness of life. Sarah