Thursday, May 07, 2009

Baking, reading, and writing

The rain returned yesterday, not a heavy downpour but steady enough to make it an indoor kind of day. That wasn't a bad thing, I had all the planting finished so a good drink of water would be good for those plants. I'm purchasing the plants and flowers as I have the extra money to spend.

Wednesday morning was spent baking Tulip Time brownies (aka: Texas Sheet Cake), blond brownies, and chocolate brownies with raspberry truffle icing. The first two are on my recipe blog, I'll add the third soon. Hubby will take them to the bookstore today. They have mentioned how much they miss me but they really miss my baked goods I usually bring. :)

It has been strange not working the last week of the semester. That is the time I enjoyed the most, getting to work in the textbook department. However, I'm on a waiting list for state provided insurance (I was accepted but put on a waiting list as they are out of money) and any part-time work would put me over the minimum.

I have been enjoying watching the Franklin Springs films each Wednesday night on the NRB Channel. They've been showing the West Ladies films again. Last week's episode was the bread making film and last night they showed how to make candles. I just love these films, they inspire me as well as instruct. Someday I want to purchase the series so I can watch them over and over, which is what helps me learn best.

Today I am assembling the books and films list from all the recommendations on the I Heart Hobbit Houses post. I'm still getting some additions and you can make a recommendation by adding to the comments HERE or e-mailing me today (Thursday). I think you'll enjoy the list very much.


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

That was so sweet of you to make those treats for the bookstore gang. They sound so good. Have a great day.

Becky K. said...

I have been thinking of baking treats to send in to work with Warren. Maybe some cinnamon rolls one of these mornings.

Vee said...

Well aren't they sweet to miss you and aren't they naughty to miss your baked goods even more. Still, you indulge them. If you enjoy baking, it's the safest way, I'm sure. All those recipes sound great.

Sarah said...

Those baked goods sound SO delicious! My mouth is watering. I'm looking for breakfast right now, but I'm thinking as good as those sound, they'd do for breakfast too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I do not know what the Franklin Springs films are or NRB. But the West Ladies films sound wonderful to watch. Could you fill me in? Do they come over the net or do you buy or rent them? Is this series just about making things such as the bread or candles and not a story too? Are there other movies or instructional series in the Franklin Springs group? Is there a www for this? Your goodies sound so good!! ;) I haven't made one of the brownie sheet cakes for a month or is about time I make another one!! :) Hope you hear soon about the insurance. Jody