Thursday, May 07, 2009

20 of my favorite things

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color-
deep red
2. Dessert- my own baking
3. Smell- cinnamon rolls in the oven
4. Flower- roses and daisies (I carried both at my wedding)
5. Animal- sweet kitties
6. Month- October
7. Beverage- coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon
8. Pair of shoes- warm weather - SAS sandals
9. Snack- chocolate
10. Song- anything by John Denver (even the tree hugger stuff)
11. Book- that's like asking who is my favorite child but "anything by Edith Schaeffer"
12. Fruit- apples
13. Hairstyle- long, flowing, curly locks... maybe I'll have them in Heaven
14. Piece of clothing- my red, warm, flannel robe (in cold weather)
15. Store to clothes shop- Goodwill
16. Season- autumn
17. Hobby- baking tied with reading
18. Thing to collect- tea cups
19. Movie- Old: Casablanca and New: You've Got Mail
20. Restaurant- breakfast at Cracker Barrel, coffee and scone at Panera for my getaway breaks, dinner at our favorite cafeteria or neighborhood restaurant

Join Peggy at The Simple Woman to join in...


Kimberly said...

Just happened to have you pop up in my reader before I went to sleep. I was reading my aunt's post about my uncle walking w/o a cane today--the first time since the strokes! Praises!
We have quite a few favorite things. Don't think I could name a favorite book either--maybe three for each genre!
Wish we could hang out at Panera together sipping coffee and chatting about books.
Blessings to you---now go to sleep!!! It's really late where you are! Sweet Dreams.

Vee said...

That's a nice list and I had no idea that you were a lover of deep red.

Scrappy quilter said...

Great list. I loved reading it.