Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some of my best friends are Democrats

No, really... honest. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you may remember I meet my dear friends (and former neighbors) Sheila and Suzie at different ethnic restaurants that serve spicy food once every few months.

Suzie and I ran into each other on election day at the health food store, where hubby had to purchase a couple items on their day old people get a discount. That would be my husband and not Suzie or me... but I digress.

We counted on our fingers how many in each of our family voted Republican vs. how many in Sheila's family voted Democrat. Otherwise known as "how many of each other's votes did we cancel out this year".

Sheila and her family are very dear to us and they always will be. Christopher is their gentile son and I'm pretty darn fond of her boys, too. We each know where the other stands as far as politics and religion but we rarely talk about such things.

Friendships are always more important than being right or wrong... or "Left" or "Right".

Instead we talk about how much each others kids have grown and the exorbitant cost of college. Sheila has FOUR kids in college since her oldest just returned to go to law school at Harvard and Suzie has a few in college, too. Makes me not feel so bad having just one in college right now.

In our many years of friendship, I have never whipped out the Four Spiritual Laws to Sheila's family, or quoted Isaiah 53, or even John 3:16. No, I hope I live my life in such a way that if and when any of my non-Christian friends want to know more about the Lord of my life, they know they are free to talk to me at any time. I'm sure the pictures on my walls, the books on my shelves, the music I listen to, and I hope the love I share... all point to the fact that I am a follower of Jesus.

Now, neither of our husbands are the quiet sort so we have to gently remind them at times (duct tape works) that we do not discuss religion or politics... especially politics... with good friends.

Our culture was different when we were growing up and even into our very young adult years. There wasn't such a difference between Democrats and Republicans. We voted Independent and even Democratic most of the time until Reagan when both hubby and I became full fledged Republicans. I still miss the Gipper. Now there was a Republican and a true Conservative.

But then again, we all pretty much looked alike and sounded alike. Christopher's best friends are Christian, Jewish, and Hindu. I don't think I knew where India was when I was a child. As I stated yesterday, I am very proud that we have reached a place in this country where the color of one's skin does not keep him out of the presidency.

For my friends who are not conservative and cannot comprehend why we would be aghast at an Obama presidency... think of how you felt four years ago when Bush was reelected. Yeah, remember that pit in your tummy feeling?

On a side note, I welcome those of you passing through from my friend Jewel's lovely blog (and that woman HAS to get another camera!).

Only dear Jewels can call me a pig and make it sound so sweet. :)

Picture: Christopher and David (Sheila's boy)... best friends then and now


Vee said...

Sadly, some of my best friends are Democrats, too. ;>

Lately, though, I've been thinking more and more about Amos 3:3. Honestly, I don't know how Mary Matalin and James Carville make their marriage work! :D I could NOT be married to a liberal.

Linda said...

I had to laugh on the comment from Vee--I often wonder about that too. (Mary & James)--TY Brenda. I might not always leave a comment, but I want you to know, your blog is a inspiration. Blessings

DebD said...

I loved this post! One of the things I've appreciated about our loving parish is that its not only ethnically diverse but also politically diverse too. And we still (mostly :)) get along.

Oh and I saw your little hat-tip at Jewel's blog. How sweet for you.

Betty said...

I am so glad to hear that I just might still be your friend. LOL I respect your opinions Brenda. I don't think you voice them lightly. We both have reasons to have voted the way we did. I just pray that Barack Obama can be the voice for hope and change in this country.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda, Well good! Although I consider myself an Independent.

If I remember correctly, you like the Frugal Luxuries books by Tracey McBride right? I think so - anyway she has a blog, actually two blogs! The link is on my blog - thought you might enjoy reading it. I know I've been wishing she would right another book.


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Sigh....of course it should be write not right....


Gumbo Lily said...

I miss the Gipper too. I suppose we've got to swing one way and then the other to get back to something that resembles Reagan-omics again.

I'm related to several democrats -- makes family gatherings interesting.


Linda said...

I don't get it why most Americans think they can't be friends with someone who has different political / religious viewpoints....

Here, in Holland we all blend together just fine ;) I wouldn't dare to think about having only friends that 'think the same as me'.. I love my muslim, hindu and socialist friends, myself being an evangelical christian.

Ohh, the world would be so bland if everyone was like us.. Sometimes we need other people, in the 'iron sharpens iron' sort of way ;)

Greetings from the netherlands!

Anonymous said...


i wasn't old enough to vote till reagan was on his way out of = bush to me. my family is all staunchly republican and i am the lone independent. of course, they think i'm the crazy one. *grin*

i know a lot of christian democrats too though, so it's kind of interesting to come to the blogworld and discover a christian/republican-only world.

and yes...i remember the sick feeling when bush was reelected. it's no fun to ponder the years ahead when you strongly disagree with a candidate. i firmly believe it's cyclical though. give the dems their 4-8 years and then everyone will be ready to swing back the other way again and you will have a happy feeling in your tummy. :)

God bless, my friend.

(and i saw you at jewels' sweet!)

Lovella ♥ said...

Being a Canadian. . .I surely did appreciate your wisdom in this post. I also was happy to see that your commenters on this post. . agreed with you and left happy comments. .. gotta love Vee's.

Anonymous said...

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