Friday, June 06, 2008

Dare to Prepare, a book review

Okay, so I've actually written about this book but it was a long time ago. (Coffee Tea Books & Me is almost two years old, can you believe it?) Now... Truth In Advertising... these people are friends and I think they are the best in their field. We've known each other (only through e-mails and snail mail) since the late 1990s (or thereabouts...).

I'm going to start recommending more books and websites but Holly's book and their website (Stan, Holly, and their dogs... who give major emotional support) called Millennium-Ark are at the top of my list. You can trust them with good information.

Yes, a lot of information is given free on their site but this book is full of PICTURES! If you are a visual learner like me, you'll love it. It is worth the money because it is a huge and well documented book. It is the only book you will need on the subject of emergency preparedness, everything from stocking up on groceries and other necessities (including how-to's) to how to prepare for hurricanes and other weather events, to... um... composting.

Uh... remember I said I'd found a book I thought I'd lost yesterday? Well, in my house that would be like finding a needle in a haystack but I'd misplaced DARE TO PREPARE! That, my friend, is not an easy thing to do. I knew I'd never even loan it out to anyone! After looking in every bookshelf in our house, including Christopher's, I finally took a closer look at my husband's bookshelf in the office. There, on the bottom shelf, in the corner, was my book. When I opened it up, there was a bookmark in front of the chapter on composting. Oh... it all came back to me... we had pulled it out to get more info on composting! I just didn't know it had been put away... in the office... in that bookshelf... on the bottom shelf... in a corner!

I e-mailed Stan to make certain there were copies available. He told me the book had been selling out but they have two printings going on right now and the book should be available around June 19th. Yes... the book is that good. Just make certain family members don't steal it and store it where it is hard to find.

Here is the link to my first review of the book.

Here is the link to view Dare to Prepare on the Deyo's website.

Here is the link to the homepage of the Deyo's website.

Tell them Brenda sent you. :)


Kim said...

Thanks Brenda! My DH was just asking what I want for my I know! Can't wait to read this...sounds like great information. Any other books you can recommend along these lines, prepardness, pantry stocking, stockpiling, etc... is greatly appreciated! Blessings, Kim

cheri said...

This is just the kind of book I was hoping 'someone' would write.
Thanks for the information, Brenda!

Manuela said...

Thanks Brenda, I'll have a look at the links later today. I just bought "Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times" by Mother Earth News. Have you read it yet? I'm looking forward to seeing what other books you recommend.