Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dare to Prepare, a book review

If you want one book to help you prepare for emergencies (whether they be weather related, terrorism, etc.) then this is the book for you. It is a large book with LOTS of pictures and easy instructions. It is truly the only book you would need.

The book is written by my cyber friend, Holly Deyo. I was so excited when it arrived in the mail one day, a gift when I was going through a particularly difficult season a couple of years ago. I could not put it down, it was fascinating. I've researched this subject for a very long time and she not only covers the elementary aspect of preparedness but there was a lot there I didn't know.

As I have mentioned before, I used to be the administrator of the book section of a preparedness forum. I have read a lot of preparedness books and this is (by far) the best. It is simple enough for individuals and families who want to know the minimum needed to prepare for a hurricane or winter storm. It is in depth enough for families who choose to live off the grid! It is also very good for homeschooling families to use with older children with lots of pictures and easy instructions (like how to make soap in a blender).

Holly and Stan are like minded friends, people who look at preparedness from a Christian perspective. They are also real people...Velveteen Rabbit real. I've "known" them since the 1990s. (Isn't it odd how you can get to know people so well when you haven't met them in person?) I keep dropping hints that they need to start their own blog. (They used to have a great newsletter.)

If you want to learn more, this link will take you to the Dare to Prepare section of their website. Over the next week, I will be adding links for good preparedness sites.


littlejennywren said...

Hi Brenda. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was lovely to hear from you. I actually found your blog last week through the Year of Abundance mentioned by Kathy at Ambling Along blog. I had been lurking around your blog too, isn't that funny?

Brenda said...

Likeminded people for sure. I love the blog world. :)