Saturday, August 11, 2007

A week of favorites!

This week is the one year birthday for Coffee Tea Books & Me. I continue to be amazed at the number of people who visit and the very nice comments and e-mails. To think, I didn't know blogs existed a little over a year ago... at least this kind of blog. I had heard of political blogs and blogs of famous people.

How blessed I have been as I read what others write, the knowledge that "I am not alone". Many thanks to my daughter who uh... encouraged me to start blogging.

So, this week I will post a list of Favorites each day, starting with the oldest. Most are Favorites because you have told me they are. Some are just my Favorites for various reasons. :)

From August, 2006

Solitary Tea Time

My Precious

Boundary Lines in Pleasant Places

Fear Factor

Waiting For Autumn

A complete list will remain on the side bar for those new to Coffee Tea Books & Me to look through. I know I enjoy having such a list when I visit a new blog. Each Favorite posted this week will then be added to that permanent list.


Morning Glory said...

I remember on my first blog anniversary wondering where the time went and how in the world I had so much to say. It's amazing to me how it keeps on going.

Enjoy your bloggy week!

DebD said...

Happy Anniversary. I like this idea much better than the "100 things about Me". I will definitely go check out your favs.

She'sSewPretty said...

I'm glad you are still here one year later. I've only been reading blogs since February and yours is one of my favorites. I can relate to the my precious post and the autumn post. I also relate to the Boundary Lines post as my t.v. is only on lately for baseball games and movies that I choose to watch. Nothing turns me off faster then the seeming "obligatory" effe word lately in movies. I'm not much of a tea drinker, but "books and me" are why I keep coming here. Thanks Brenda!

Susie said...

Congratulations on your one year blogiversary! I'll enjoy reading back over your favorite posts :)

T*mmy said...

First congratulations on one year of blogging!!
I'm enjoying everything I've read so far...I read all of these posts that you listed...chuckled at the Tea Time reference to Hyacinth Bucket...I love that show and the one with Judi Dench!! Question, what is your idea of a "proper tea"...I've just started this tea thing myself...I would love to see a post on that or you can email me (on my profile)!
On the Boundries daughter and sil also go with just DVD's and local broadcasting supplied by a very week antena. I'm spoiled I guess to my cable channels but like you only want "Quality" shows.
Again Happy Blogversary!!

smilnsigh said...

"...a copy of a magazine I had promised Mari Nanci,..."

The above is copied from another entry of yours but... Today is Saturday and Oh it came! Oh! Oh! Oh! Thank you!

Mari Nanci

Lallee said...

Congratulations on one year of blogging. This is a delightful place to visit. And, belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

Mrs. U said...

Happy bloggiversary!!! How exciting!!! I know that I have been VERY blessed with your blog this past year!

Mrs. U

Susie Q said...

Happy, happy anniversary! This is a sweet place to visit, always. Thank you for that.