Friday, August 10, 2007

Beating the heat with books

One could determine my energy level by this morning's trip to the library. Rather than the back breaking stack of books I usually bring home, I arrived with one cookbook (Essentially Lilly, a Guide to Colorful Holidays by Lilly Pulitzer and Jay Mulvaney), one decorating book (Creole Thrift, Premium Southern Living Without Spending a Mint by Angele Parlange), and I renewed Victoria Bedrooms since I was too distracted to really look through it last week.

That's it ...pathetic ...they will take away my Bibliophile license if I continue down this route. It actually has more to do with the heat and humidity than anything else. Like most people with a chronic illness, the two "H"'s are not fun to deal with. I found myself looking through the hundreds (thousands?) of cookbooks available, only to sigh and tell myself I am too tired to even read about cooking right now. The Lilly Pulitzer book looked very inviting as well as colorful so I knew I wouldn't feel guilty if I just looked at pictures. :)

I am still working through a couple of other books that are not on my Summer Reading Challenge. They both require more serious reading. The first title is Nothing's Too Small to Make a Difference by Wanda Urbanska and Frank Levering. Then there is the excellent book with the title Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias, which I was sent to review. I hope to finish it this weekend. I plan to write more about each of these books at a later time.

It is too hot to do much else than stay inside and read once my other work is finished. I don't even want to do anything creative right now. It is the season to veg out...


T*mmy said...

I went to the library yesterday myself...I drove round and round it...could not for the life of me find a parking space...came home and went to their site, and it was an art fair...I think I'll wait till Monday now *big grin*
Enjoying your blog!

the feathered nest said...

Creole Thrift is a fun book to look at. I just gave a way a copy.

It's just too hot to cook. I cooked last night and I was practically too exhuasted to eat. It's between 110-120 with the heat index. We've been eating out alot - very bad for the budget and waistline, but we can only eat so much salad LOL!


Sandra said...

I was at the library a couple of days ago and brought home an Ellie Haskell mystery. I've never read this series by Dorothy Cannell but like a good cozy, British mystery. :o) Has anyone else read her novels?

Also got Jessica McClintock's Simply Romantic Decorating. It has beautiful photographs and I've liked what I've read so (just started it though).

I agree whole-heartedly about the heat and humid...I do NOT like it either. I start thinking about fall now and look forward to my favourite time of year.

Enjoying your blog as always Brenda!

Anonymous said...

Hold on, Brenda, it's coming!

(from last year...)

<< About mid-September I began to come out of my Summer slumber. We enter my favorite time of the year. I pull out my apron and begin baking again, stews are put together and simmered, the aroma of bread fills the house, pumpkin shows up in everything (including lattes!), cinnamon is the spice of the day, the Autumn teas are purchased and life is good. >>

I love that post. Autumn is my favorite season too.
We're almost there ladies!!
joanna :)