Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nice Matters Award Goes to...

Thank you to Elizabeth. She has given me a Nice Matters Award.

There are so many nice people in Blogland that it would be difficult for me to choose just five. However, I decided to give it to only one person in honor of my Bloggy Birthday coming up soon.

So many people still write and comment that they have been reading since Mrs. Wilt first recommended Coffee Tea Books & Me on her blog. Such a recommendation is just what a new Blogger can use. Besides that, she really is one of the nicest people in Blogland. So, here is to you Kelli Wilt at The Sparrow's Nest... a Nice Matters Award!

I would still like to know who originated this lovely reward? I'd like to give them credit.


ann said...

I was inspired to start a blog after reading The Sparrow's Nest for a while. It was one of the first blogs I found and read daily. I just found your blog yesterday. It's so fun meeting new people in blogland!!

DebD said...

Congratulations. It is well deserved. I agree- this is a sweet one.

Anonymous said...

Great choice!
Your blog has been the best gift I've ever read from the Sparrow's Nest. :)