Tuesday, June 13, 2023

The Importance of Beauty While Recovering

I am sorry for the delay in writing another blog post. Quite often "Blog Post" was written in my Planner and just as often, it had to be put off for another day.  Sometimes I was too tired while other weeks took me away from home more than I had planned.

I now understand how many of my favorite bloggers could seem to fall off the face of the earth after a long time blogging.  It is far easier than I would have thought when there is a change in circumstances.  

My son-in-law reminded me at Thanksgiving, when I told my family that it was time for me to stop blogging regularly, that I always said I would stop blogging when I no longer had anything to say.  In addition to further fatigue, that is what happened more and more.  The words that so often circled my thinking during the week were not there as often.  

It was time to slow down although I never intended to stop popping in to say hello more often than I have.  I have mentioned that I spent New Year's Day in the emergency room but I was quite ill for a few months after that as my blood sugar was no longer stabilized.  I not only could not write, I found it too difficult to sit at my desk for at least two of those months. However, I began to have more good days than bad days over time.

I have learned all over again how to appreciate the small things of life.  Those gifts that I know are from God such as noticing the deer when they are in the backyard. Since I no longer have a garden, I can enjoy their beauty instead of worrying about them eating my vegetables.

I don't know what it is about the greens growing up around our back fence but the deer find it absolutely delicious.  There is a look on their face similar to mine when a lovely meal has been set before me.  They usually do not know how to get out of my yard and back into the forest but it seems a small price to pay for their salad.

Last week, I was driving one of the roads just inside the city limits when I had to stop as a mother duck and numerous baby ducks lined up behind her in a straight row crossed the road.  Such a gift from God to be there at that very moment and when there were few cars so the ducks were safe.

Although, sometimes I do not always appreciate the nature that comes calling.  I heard a sound on the porch after midnight recently and when I turned on the porch light, there were two of the cutest baby raccoons looking up at me from Mouse's bed on the porch bench. (Mouse was not amused.)

As I opened the front door, I saw that they were not twins but triplets.  Their mother was no where to be seen and these babies were not at all afraid of humans.   I went back inside and knocked on the window until they finally ran under the hedges to probably the side of the house.

I did thank God for letting me see them for I doubt I have ever noticed such cute faces in all of nature as those baby raccoons.  But they became a thorn in my flesh in the next few days as they seemed to be watching for when I put out Mouse's kibble and water.

Our battle was made worse when I fell off the porch when trying to pick up the kibble bowl they had somehow moved until it was on the ground.  I fell into the long row of hedges to the side of the porch. My husband thought I was seriously injured because I didn't move but as I told him later, I was trying to figure out how to undo myself from the hedges without doing further damage to them or to me.

Thankfully, I ended up with scrapes and I was quite stiff for a couple of days. When I messaged the kids for prayer, they insisted on having pizza and sandwiches delivered to us for dinner so I could rest.  I had already decided fixing dinner was not a possibility.  When I told them the dinner was delicious and almost worth falling off of the porch, my daughter-in-law requested that I just tell them I want pizza next time. I promised I would...

So, while my world is even smaller than usual right now. It certainly has periods of excitement.  My favorite time is in the morning, sitting in the rocking chair and enjoying the porch flower garden, the singing of the birds, and sometimes a breeze. On one morning when it was rather windy, I was reminded of the Holy Spirit coming as a mighty wind and felt His presence and the peace it brought there on the porch.  

God was not surprised by my further struggles with the two immune system diseases. Instead of a healing, they became more of a struggle.  However, I also know He was with me.  Last Christmas, I had set aside part of a cash Christmas gift to purchase flowers in late April or early May... according to the Spring temperatures.

I am so glad I did for the price of flowers, as with everything else, had gone up a great deal at our local nursery.  By saving part of that gift, I could have flowers on the porch and a few on the deck outside of my kitchen window.  God prepared me ahead of time for a blessing.

As the world grows darker, I think we must do what we can to purposely create beauty in our surroundings. I love the vintage items in my kitchen, almost all of them found at thrift stores and antique malls (and not the expensive stalls, either). Although collected over decades, they work together to make the house cozy.

This is already long enough but I will share a few books I have enjoyed recently, two on the Kindle and one a coffee table book with font big enough to read. I will list them below and highly recommend all three.

I hope to be back soon on one of my good days.  I do thank everyone who sent emails!

Books Recently Read

Teatime Discipleship by Sally Clarkson... here.  I pre-ordered this book months before it was published.  It is a beautiful book with Sally's stories regarding tea time with family and friends, photos of her home, and recipes for tea time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I keep it out on the coffee table in my family room to peruse from time to time.

Rembrandt is in the Wind: Learning to Love Art through the Eyes of Faith by Russ Ramsey... here.  I had heard many good things about this book but when my daughter recommended it, I knew I had to read it.  Russ Ramsey shares the stories behind great works of art in such a way that I have a renewed love for it.

Both of my children have been to the great art museums of Europe.  (They get their love of travel from their father.)  When allowed, they would share photos of the art on display... as well as photos of delicious meals.  Ramsey's book makes me want to stand in front of those amazing works of art, too.

Fire In His Bones:A  Collection of the Fifty Most Powerful Sermons of David Wilkerson... here.  This is the book that I am reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, which I keep in my purse.  It is easy to read one sermon at a time when I am waiting at a doctor's office.

I found out about this book before it was published because I still receive monthly newsletters from the ministry.  Sometimes they are written by Gary Wilkerson (David's son) and sometimes they are repeats of one of David's newsletters.  Most of the newsletters were taken from his sermons at his church, Time Square Church in New York.

Some call him a modern day prophet because he saw back in the 1970s exactly what is happening today.  He always declined that mantle, saying instead he was a "watchman on the wall" and much like the true prophet, Jeremiah, people did not like what he had to say.  However, these sermons remind us that God knew what was coming, He is watching over us, and that He really is in control.  

I love all three of these very different from each other books.  

Image:   Shady Patio (Don't you want to sit there and drink in the beauty?)

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Terra said...

I love that painting of the shady patio and your book selections and always enjoy your blog posts, so am happy to see you still blogging. I just blog when I have an idea, no schedule to keep. I am retired after all, and relaxation is a key to a happy day for me.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Brenda! so glad to see you back - I've been on the lookout :D

God bless you and keep you,
Carolyn Stutz

Carol said...

So sad to hear of your fall, but thankful that you are ok. I fell last week on the porch. I was bending over to feed the cat. Sound familiar? I was bruised but ok.

It seems as though life gets in the way, but I am determined to keep my blog active.

Vee said...

Life can take some wild turns. Having lost my words many times now, I know that it is a thing. I am so happy to read your post today even though you shared a few of those wild turns, Falling into the hedge 😳 Yikes!
Take care and keep resting and watching.

Donna G. said...

I was gifted Rembrandt Is In the Wind for my birthday last month. It is on top of my ‘read next’ stack! Glad you were feeling well enough for the blog post. My personal blog has been long-neglected……..for no particular reason. Take care.

Karen said...

so glad to stop by and read your lovely post !!Thank you for writing it , and book suggestions

Deanna Rabe said...

I've missed you. So glad you are feeling better. That fall off the deck scared me! Wow!

I've heard good things about Rembrandt in the Wind, and so now with your recommendation I'll get it.

I miss the old blogging days so much.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back. Have missed your
Writings. Blessings, Sharon D.

Ann Stevens said...

Oh! How nice to see your post come up in my email today. I was just on your blog site the other day wondering if perhaps you had posted something and somehow it had not come in my email. I was so disappointed to see nothing there but then I had to realize that keeping up a blog on a regular basis is a time consuming job and that you had things in your life to deal with. So sorry to hear about your health problems. I have a friend with diabetes who also has had a few months of severely fluctuating sugar levels and many changes in medicines and many days of extreme fatigue. Finally it seems to be leveling out and she is feeling better just as you are.

I had to chuckle a bit about falling off the porch -- similar things have happened to me and I wasn't sure at the time whether to laugh or cry. Glad you didn't break anything. The bumps and bruises of such an encounter are enough to deal with as we get older and stuff hurts almost all the time anyway.

The "stuff" going on in the world today has a tendency to make me want to stay sheltered at home and count my many blessings. The outside world is harsh and violent and filled with deception and it's hard to watch as our country loses it way. We have fallen so far from our Creator I wonder if we can ever get back before it's time for Jesus to return as King of Kings. I pray constantly for God's will to be done and for all those who do not know His love and mercy to find it quickly while there is still time.

Enjoy the warmth and sunshine of summer and I look forward to anything you desire to post.

Anonymous said...

So good to read this today! I have been hoping to see another blog post from you and was very heartened to see an Instagram post from you last week — with the pretty flowers you wrote of today! I am so sorry that you have had these continuing health struggles and will pray for you! And please don’t ever think you no longer have anything to say! Your posts always give me something to ponder!

Nancy in Texas said...

Oops, I meant to put my name on that comment!

Kathy in Indiana said...

I enjoyed reading this as I have been through some experiences lately with my mind thinking my body is younger than it is, and then I do some sort of activity that slows me down, and makes me think. Your post was very powerful for this 59 year old lady. I understand the raccoon situation. We live in the country, they show up often, because we feed feral cats that are left on the side of the road. We capture them, get them fixed, and make sure they are not starving. We have to sit outside when we put the cat food out due to the raccoon knowing when feeding time is. They are very destructive to plants and gardens. We enjoy sitting outside and listening to the birds, and identifying the birds before we see them based on their song.

I enjoy your blog posts, but do not comment due to usually sitting outside on a swing while reading them. I do not like to type without my reading glasses on. My phone sometimes will guess and auto fill with words that should not have been there. :)

I wish you an easy recovery. Take extra good care of yourself.

Kathy in Indiana

Anonymous said...

So nice to read your blog again!

PJ Geek said...

So glad you posted and sorry for your trials. I had poison oak which turned into staph infection and uncontrolled blood sugars after taking steroids. I love your moments of gratitude and nature.have you seen The Chosen? please do if you haven’t.

Anonymous said...

You are so lovely. Thank you for this post. You have been missed. I think all of us who read your words are grateful when you do post; yet, we don’t want you to feel obligated or guilty when you don’t. Your health and your energy are of utmost importance. When writing becomes a chore to be crossed off of the list, it is not helping you! I just bought all three of the books you wrote about, thank you for bringing them to our attention! Praying for your continued good days! Best of health!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to read you once again. I always look forward to your blog. Take care. I will be praying for you. Margie/TN

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see this post today and to hear that you are doing better. I bet the baby raccoons were cute. I once saw a baby possum in my backyard. It was much more cute than its elders.
Dianne L

Marie said...

How wonderful to see a post from you! I have missed a "visit" from you, and I surely am glad to hear that you are somewhat improved and enjoying your days. I hope each day brings you great joy and peace, and be assured that if you feel like another post, I will be eager to see it. Thank you so much for such wonderful writing.

Marceline Miller said...

thank you for posting!

Terri said...

Hello Again!!!
So very lovely to visit with you today. Sorry to hear you've had a challenging time- keeping you in my prayers. I love to visit for you always encourage and inspire me. Thank you!
May God Bless You and Keep You,

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be a lovely place to sit & drink in the beauty and enjoy a cup of tea, alone or with a friend. I pray you're recovering from your fall. I enjoyed your blog. May I recommend a book for you? I don't know your illness but thought one issue may be glucose levels. I'm reading, "Glucose Revolution". Very interesting.

elizabeth said...

God bless you! It is such a a challenge to be sick and unable to do things that one used to do more easily! God keep you in His care! I am glad for the beauty in your life and books too!

Marceline Miller said...

Thank you for posting! 🙂

Anonymous said...

Decided to check in on your blog this morning. Like you, my past several months have been spent trying to deal with an auto immune disease. Glad to see you are doing better. We do really need to see and appreciate the beauty of God's world.

Anonymous said...

WAIT!! You fell off the porch into the hedge?? I had to reread that several times. How awful for you. So glad it wasn't any worse than it could have been. Stiffness is God's way of getting us to slow down for awhile, I think, and scratches and bruises eventually go away.
I too have read and absolutely loved the Rembrandt in the Wind book. I even bought a copy to keep on the shelf when I want to read it again. I grew up in Philadelphia and that book made me regret never having gotten on the city bus and gone to the Philadelphia Museum of Art during my Summer vacations and just soaked up all those wonderful works of art. It would have made wonderful memories for me now that I am 82 years old and not as mobile as I was in high school.
Thank you for gifting us with another of your wonderful blogs. I hav e missed you and thought about you often.

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I was so happy to see a couple of blog posts from you. I hope this comes across in the spirit in which it is written, because I truly appreciate your blog more and more because there are so few older T2 women who have a voice these days. It is reassuring to know that other bloggers have less words the older they get. I've often wondered if I was the only one. I also find that i read less but I do push myself because I know it's good for my brain. I always enjoy your posts.