Saturday, February 25, 2023

Checking in on a Saturday morning

I thought it best to write a quick hello rather than go through another week without a blog post.  I now understand why some bloggers who went from regular blogging to less blog posts eventually stopped blogging altogether.  It is amazing how quickly a couple weeks have passed when there is no definite publishing date.

As can happen when dealing with an older house, the contractor started work in our bathroom and found our original pipes to be in bad shape.  It is a very good thing we had this work done now for water was already dripping into our crawl space.

So, this meant two extra days while the guys replaced pipes in the crawlspace and pipes going into the bathroom.  We were not really surprised since we have had to replace pipes both going to the well and into the garage before.  In early winter, we started noticing water ponding in our front yard close to the main well pipe.  New pipes were installed there which will mean come warm weather, we have to have the lawn reseeded in that area.

At least the holes in the drywall have been repaired and the walls are prepped for painting.  The base and side of the shower are installed.  The box with the door in it still resides propped up next to the love seat in my living room.  Which is also why I was just able to moderate comments this morning from last week.  There have been boxes in the study making it difficult to get to my desk.  It is amazing how many pieces there are to plumbing projects.

However, the guys have been delightful to work with.  They are friendly and always clean up when they leave.  If they have to leave early, they explain why so we don't think they are not dong the job (we knew from the kitchen lighting project that sometimes there must be additional drying time in between the jobs).

Florentine is so used to their 8:00 arrival each morning that she was sitting on our bed by 7:30 this morning, waiting for us to move the kitty litter container and her kibble bowl in our room before shutting the door.  It took her awhile to realize they would not be here today so she can relax.

Being a smart cat, she can see that the bathroom is still not finished. They will return Monday morning and hopefully it will be completed in two days.  Barring no more surprises.

Since it has been rather loud a few hours at a time each day with sawing and pounding and hammering, I have been "reading" an Audible book.  I brought out the old (big) earphones to begin listening to Resilient by John Eldredge.   I had heard good things about the book so I used my last Audible credit (before unsubscribing for awhile) to get this book.  So far, I think it is excellent. It is just what I needed right now.

I love how he not only reads the book himself, but he adds comments to what is in the book.  It makes it so much more personal.  I know his book from many years ago called Wild at Heart was controversial because it talks about the difference between the way God made boys and men from girls and women.  Even in the Church there were many people who claimed it was sexist.

Actually, it was if you follow their definition but what it did for me at the time, with a boy just entering his teens, was to open my eyes to the need for boys to be... boys.  To encourage them as they pretend to be Knights defending fair maidens, soldiers winning the battle, protectors of small furry creatures (our two sister kitties at the time), etc.

I had raised a girl and that was easy because I could remember being that age.  A boy?  Not so much.  As a homeschooling mom who spent more time with her son than my husband, Wild at Heart helped me look at that strange male species from a Biblical perspective.  I highly recommend it, too, if like me... you believe there is a difference between boys and girls.

I hope to be back soon with some pantry ponderings.

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Brenda, it was lovely to catch your post this Saturday morning and hear what's been going on in your world. Hope things go to plan and that soon your house will be back in order and you can start dreamin' about spring. Thanks for the note about John Eldredge's book - will have to search it out.

Wishing you a beautiful day,
Brenda L.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the wonderful and wise posts from you!!

Deanna Rabe said...

Men and women are different! That, of course, doesn't mean one is better. We played games last night and the things my son and son in law think are hilarious are not things we gals think are so funny! That's okay!

I've not hear of this new book, but will check it out.

I'm so glad you were able to get these plumbing issues dealt with!

Susan Humeston said... is March 20, 2023- where are you?? Please, if you can, check in and let me/us know how you are and what is going on with you? Miss you a LOT!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back

Anonymous said...

Missing you and your posts! Hope your house is all put back in place and everything is ok with you!
Take good care!
Laura C.

Anonymous said...

You and your writings are missed.