Thursday, January 26, 2023

Persistence Pays Off

I am finding that when one does not write on a regular schedule, two things can happen.  The first thing is that time goes by faster than we think so a new blog post happens later than planned.  The second is that I need to write down those things I want to write about on my planner because they tend to last about five seconds. 

I am pleased to say the insulin saga (trial) has been resolved.  I will share about it at the end of this blog post.  Like most trials, it was not fun but I learned a lot.  Not the least of which is the reminder that God really is in control. 

As I was going through it and the fear would come that I would end up back in the ER, I reminded myself that God has never let me down in the past.  I remembered His character instead of looking at my circumstances and indeed... He did not let me down this time, either.

The Study files are all either tossed or placed in their proper space.  Hallelujah!  It was so good to be able to file away the late 2022 and January 2023 papers needing to be filed and not have to find room in overstuffed file folders. The files in the "homeschool drawer" in our small office have a good start already, too.

I have had the same morning routine for a few years now but after praying for ways to accomplish this project and more later, I realized I needed to make time in the morning while my energy was higher. So now on many days, after watching my "Bible study program" while sipping morning coffee, I spend time on a project or housework.

The new morning schedule isn't written in stone and there are many days I must be flexible.  However, it is a change that can be accomplished.  So often, I think nothing can be changed but that is a lie from the father of lies.  No matter our age or physical condition, there is always something that can change.  Especially when we ask God, who says in the Book of James that He gives wisdom to all who ask.

Except for making me more organized, these file projects will ultimately not be noticed by anyone else except my family.  I often remember all the work my husband and his brother went through when their mother passed away in a car accident and every piece of paper that can be thrown out now is something our own children will not have to deal with later. 

As it is, I can imagine them rolling their eyes and wonder out loud if someone really needed that many teacups. I blame Emilie Barnes... ;)

I have not set out to choose a "word of the year" for a long time but once in awhile, a word comes to me that I believe is God-given.  While working on these files and dealing with the insulin situation, I knew it was the Lord that brought the word "persistence" to mind quite often.  It has become my anchor word for the new year.

So, what happened with the insulin?  Well, I never found out why Eli Lilly didn't send it but I did find out the things that went wrong since then.  It was the fault of both the drug company and the clinic combining to create an emergency situation.

It was finally resolved when I was given the phone number to the Eli Lilly program and called on Monday.  I talked to a very helpful woman who, while not knowing why it wasn't sent in early November, was able to tell me that it had been cancelled in January because my original prescription had lapsed.  Why the clinic employee was not told that, I have no idea.

It turned out that the day I called was the very last day that I could get a new prescription from my doctor or his nurse, have them call it in, and receive the shipment.  It took some scrambling and driving to the clinic with a paper giving all of the needed information but I did, they did, and my insulin arrived on Tuesday.

Have you ever noticed how God... at times... seems to provide answers to prayer at the very last moment?  I mean, really... the very last day?  Otherwise, I would have had to submit a new application and wait for it to process through before it could arrive in three or four weeks.  I received the vial of Lantus from the hospital and sample pens of Bassaglar from the clinic to keep from returning to the ER.

I was reminded of a lesson that I have had to relearn over and over for decades now and that is the moment I realize something is not right, I need to look into the problem. I cannot hope everything will fall into place on its own. I can't assume anyone else is taking care of it for me.  Even if it is their job.  This is especially true in a world where the employee may not be the best person for the job due to difficulties getting workers.

I receive both insulins through the MAPS program at Ely Lily and the clinic where my doctor works. This was the fourth of four shipments from my previous application.  In about a month, I will need to submit another application for the new year.  It is an excellent program when it works properly.

This particular trial took a lot more time and emotional energy than I wanted to spend but with good results.  As well as persistence!  I do hope to be back with another hello late next week.  We have another Arctic front moving in so perhaps I can chat about books I'm reading on the Kindle right now.  By that time I should have finished a couple as staying inside sipping warm beverage is the plan until at least... March?

I pray you all are having a blessed Winter (Summer south of the equator!).

Image:  This photo of my neighbor's barn is from a few years ago but the outside world looks similar today.


Morning's Minion said...

I'm always pleased when notification of a new post pops up from you. Wonderful that the insulin dilemma was resolved at the very last day. Sadly, we can't count on issues being handled in their proper place without phone calls to track what is happening.

Anonymous said...

i am glad you were able to get your insulin. Good to see you back! Dee/NY

Vee said...

So pleased to read that you were able to straighten things around. What a crazy perfect storm. Yes, I have noticed that God seems to enjoy those last minute events. I don't. Not at all, but they must be meant to be faith-building. I know He is good. All the time.

Alas, just when was getting happy about a mild season and an early spring, winter showed up. No books to read; no movies to watch. I'll be really annoyed if I have to organize and declutter. 😁

Bonnie said...

So glad to hear from you, Brenda! I was getting worried. God has indeed cared and provided for you once again as He always will! It is hard not to see your regular posts, but all things must change. The most important is that you take care of yourself and we will all enjoy your occasional postings even more! Bonnie said...

So nice to hear that you have this issue taken care of. I'm sure you were kinder than most people in having to go back and forth on the phone.
I just finished up reading the last of my Christmas stack of books. Have you read "An Irish Country Yuletide" by Patrick Taylor of Northern Ireland, now in British Columbia? The book is about a Doctor in the Irish village of Ballybucklebo.

Amy said...

So glad it worked out with the insulin! Yay God! I'm the same way about blogging, if I don't write it down right away, it's gone. :)

Ann Stevens said...

Oh what good news and answered prayers! I agree about the persistence; it seems in this day and age we have to be very proactive about everything we deal with or stuff slips through the cracks and we are left high and dry.

I just spent a few weeks trying to get my prescription drug coverage changed to the plan I needed rather than the plan that I mistakenly chose while filling out the application. Every avenue I tried said it can't be done but then -- ta da!! -- it was done and I thank God for his blessing because I know he works things out for me. And you are right -- He is oftentimes -- actually most of the time -- a God of the Last Minute.

Now you can relax a bit and enjoy those cold winter days inside with your kitty, a cup of tea and a good book. Can't get much better than that.

Anonymous said...

What a scary ordeal you’ve been through with not being able to get your insulin and ending up in the ER!! Praise God it all got resolved and you were finally able to get your insulin! Whew!! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “God is seldom early, but He’s never late!” When He waits until the very last minute, I think He’s asking me, “Are you going to trust Me?” It can be a real challenge sometimes!
I always enjoy your posts and am thankful you are still blogging! It’s a treat to see a notice pop up on Facebook that you’ve posted on your blog! Take good care and stay warm and cozy with your books and tea! We’re in for some colder temps too in the PNW, but no snow! Winter isn’t over yet!
Laura C.

Marie said...

So good to hear from you! And how good it is you got your insulin straight. The Lord's ways are perfect, but He does put us through things to build trust. I hope you enjoy some restful days this winter and relax.

Debbie Nolan said...

Brenda just catching up on all your trials concerning illness and lack of insulin. So glad to see how God worked everything out for your good. It seems like He may not arrive on time but He always does. Take care and have a lovely weekend.

PJ Geek said...

Glad your insulin is working out..lot of trouble though and so many people might just give up and let things slide. You don’t have to post this but I found a you tuber you might Love. Miranda mills. She is all about books, tea, visits a lot of the historic English manor houses. She and her mum visit book stores, tea shops, and live in part of an old manor house so just looking at their house and grounds is interesting.I’ve seen them tour places that I’ve seen in some of the PBS series and Jane Austen related movies. She lovesMiss Read and the Mitford At first I thought it was weird and now her voice is soothing and relaxes me.

A Woman that Fears the Lord said...

I am so interested in your 'files' project. I know very few friends (I have one friend who is very diligent in downsizing) who are thinking this way but it is something I am trying to put into practice. I am (have been) an avid reader and when I ran a homeschool book store I was given free books to review. As a result, I had a very extensive library. But, over the years and several moves, I have given away hundreds and hundreds of books. We moved this past year and I downsized my books, again. I thought I was finished for a while. Well, our floor was not installed properly so it will have to be torn up and reinstalled. This means I have to pack up a lot of my belongs, again. My daughter kindly came and helped me take all the books off 2 bookcases because my back could not handle it. That was a great motivator to be ruthless and downsize those books AGAIN because I am not able to care for them at this season without help. My goal is to only have one bookshelf. I feel that dealing with my stuff now will be one of the last ways I can love and serve my children when I am gone. Thanks for sharing.