Saturday, August 01, 2020

Living the Pantry Lifestyle - Thinking out of the pantry food "box"

This past week, I had my three-month checkup with my doctor and we talked about the increased number of COVID cases in the immediate area.  He was telling me to be careful about where I went and to always wear a mask.  I noticed for the first time since all of this began, he now wears two masks... a disposable mask and an N95 mask over that.

He had already changed the two prescriptions I have to take each day to a generic 90 day supply.  They happened to be ready again last week and can I give a thumbs up to the Walmart Pharmacy?  I switched my prescriptions there when I had to go uninsured for drugs so I could qualify for free insulin through my clinic.  They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. 

One of my prescriptions had nearly doubled in cost because they had to switch providers and they gave it to me at the former price this time, knowing I'm sure that people who pay cash for their prescriptions budget tightly.  Next time, I will know to expect the nearly doubled price.  They have always gone out of their way to be helpful.

Anyway, I now have a three month supply of both medications as well as what was still left over from my previous supply.  I had to reapply for another year of free insulin through drug companies in June and as of early last week, I still hadn't herd anything.  I was very happy when I got the call that my long term insulin had been accepted and that it was already at the clinic that day.  There was a glitch with my Eli Lilly application but it is okay and that insulin will hopefully be here soon.

I will use the credit I receive from Amazon in August to purchase my insulin pen needles and then my "must have" medications are taken care of for awhile.  All of this had to be put in place over a year ago and honestly, it was frustrating at the time.  But now it all works perfectly with the COVID requirements of mostly staying inside.

I can't tell you how many times I've had to make a switch from something I was used to doing or a place I was use to working with, etc., and it all ended up being a change for the good in the long run.  Even when it doesn't seem like it at the time, God is working on our behalf.

I didn't make any what you would call "pantry purchases" this week but I did make a couple stocking up purchases.  Recently I had to buy a gift bag for Piper's birthday party and it was very pricey.  She is worth it and it was a lovely gift bag but it got me to thinking that I should be able to do better than $4.95 plus tax for a medium size bag!

So while I was at Walmart picking up my prescriptions, I looked through their party supplies and found very nice gift bags of various sizes, including quite large gift bags, for 97 cents each.  (Their more expensive brand name gift bags are located closer to the front of the store.) 

Since I was at my near-the-end-of-the-month budget, I only bought three but I will definitely be back for a few more.  I have plenty of nice Christmas gift bags and Christmas wrapping paper purchased on clearance through the years but they are safely stored with the Christmas items.  I needed some all occasion gift bags.  At that price, I can go back and get some more to easily have a variety when needed.

Another stock up came as a result of a birthday gift from my dear friend of an Amazon Gift Card email.  She knows I am building a library of DVDs and with her gift, I was able to purchase quite a few from my Wish List.  I'll be more specific on my next Book Talk.

You don't think of having DVDs, books, etc. as part of a pantry but they are in their own way.  I stock up when I have the needed funds (in this case, a birthday gift), to have available what I will use either immediately or later.  I should say, since you may be curious, I have purchased Amazon Videos to watch on my tablet when no DVD is available for something I really want to own.  Usually they are very inexpensive (I don't purchase anything that just came out and is ridiculously expensive).

However, I do not purchase many items to stream because I do not have a smart TV.  After we bought a new TV when our old one blew up on Easter Sunday (yes, it did!), we were able to purchase a very nice TV really cheap because we didn't want a smart TV.  My son thought the picture and sound was good on the new TV but admitted to what I told him... it was dumb.  By today's standards.

So why did we not purchase a smart TV and be able to stream what we want like the rest of society?  Obviously, you do not live in the country and depend on an older rural internet system.  Sometimes it is hard to write a blog post and it can take a long time to download anything.  Which is what I do with what I purchase on Amazon Video when I want to watch it on my tablet. 

All of which, I expect, is more than anyone wants to know about stocking up on items you normally wouldn't think of as being part of a Pantry Lifestyle.  Of course, there is more to ponder on the subject and maybe next week?  I also apologize for a rambling post, sometimes my brain thinks without periods paragraphs and structure.  ;)

By the way, long time blog friend, Mama Squirrel (aka: Dewey's Treehouse on the sidebar), mentioned that there is a 2016 40th Anniversary edition of The More With Less Cookbook available.  I'm seriously thinking of getting a copy of this!  It has been modernized a bit (for instance, now calling for butter instead of margarine since we now know margarine is not the healthy alternative we were once taught it was) and has more recipes.  Link below...

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40th Anniversary edition of The More With Less Cookbook... here.

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Margie from Toronto said...

I too consider non food items to be part of my pantry. Whether this is paper products, cleaning/laundry supplies or hygiene/health related, they are all a part of stocking up.

I also think that other things such as batteries, flashlights & emergency supplies should also be considered necessary - a battery powered radio. perhaps mylar blankets, solar or battery powered lanterns, water purification tablets could also be on the list.

Right now, a large supply of disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitizer is also something I am spending money on. Masks are mandatory here and probably will be for many months to come.

I have just picked up a 90 day supply of prescriptions (and I already still had a lot on hand) and thanks to our Healthcare system, all of them were free.

I like to have other items such as a label maker, extra printer cartridges and paper journals etc. I am slowly building up a gift box and already have Christmas cards, papers and bags in stock. My friends and I like to keep some gift bags circulating - it's become a bit of a joke! As we all know, having books, dvd's/cd's, puzzles & games has been a God send over the past few months so I have a puzzle mat and some new puzzles on my list to purchase.

I think we really need to think carefully about each of our needs in case of another lockdown and hopefully we have all learned a lot over these past few months. Thank you for all that you do to keep us on track.

Mama Squirrel said...


Vee said...

I wonder how long it will take for the promised lower drug prices to come into effect. Soon, I hope. I am so glad that you were able to get a three-month supply of your prescriptions. It is troublesome to have only short supplies of needed well I know! I also use Wal*Mart pharmacy and find them to be the best as far as price, availability, and helpfulness.

mdoe37 said...

I have two prescriptions that are not covered by insurance. One for motion sickness that is not deemed necessary....uh okay I use it for fishing but its ANY motion sickness they won't cover. Rite Aid automatically runs it through Good Rx for me and its reasonable enough then. Our local Walmart and Ashley my favorite clerk were outstanding in wrangling the ex's diabetic needs. Sometimes it took a herculean effort to keep it straight....but "someone" could have managed things better but we won't say who...

The other med that was prescribed comes mail order by way of the manufacturer...I think. Apparently most insurances don't cover it and the the doc sent the script directly to them.

Gone are the days of just showing up at the pharmacy and blithely handing them and insurance card and having it covered. :)

Anonymous said...

One thing I wish we had stocked up on is birthday cards since there are a lot of summer birthdays in the family. Another item for the 'Next time I'll know' list.
You can get nice gift bags cheap at the dollar store.Kids are more interested in what's in the bag anyway :)