Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sunday Afternoon Tea - Favorite books available on Kindle Part 1

Today and next week, I want to share some of my favorite books that are available to download on the Kindle (both fiction and nonfiction).  Unless a series  is a special Kindle price, the links should have the paperback window available to click on should you want a hold-in-your-hand book.  I'm concentrating only on those available for the Kindle because it is taking awhile to get purchases from Amazon.

You don't have to have an actual Kindle, the Kindle app can be downloaded on Amazon so you can read on your tablet or even your smart phone.  I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I love because it is easy on my eyes but I also read using the Kindle app on my tablet.


I know I talk a lot about the books by Goudge (Elizabeth, not Eileen) but I also love books by D. E. Stevenson.  I first heard of them from my friend, Kristi. They used to be very hard to find so hardback copies were pricey.  Now many are available in paperback and some available at an inexpensive price only on Kindle.

Lanier calls D. E. Stevenson "Goudge lite", they are very similar in that they take place in England and/or Scotland but they are less "spiritual" than Goudge's books.  Both women were excellent story tellers.

I love the series that includes Vittoria Cottage, Music in the Hills, and Winter and Rough Weather (the American title was Shoulder the Sky).  It begins with the story of Caroline Dering in England and continues with the story of her son who moves to the farm of his aunt and uncle in Scotland.

I liked Vittoria Cottage very much but I loved Music in the Hills and Winter and Rough Weather (my copy is titled Shoulder the Sky) because of the way they bring Scotland alive to my imagination.

InfoVittoria Cottage... here, Music in the Hills... here, Winter and Rough Weather (aka: Shoulder the Sky)... here.

There are a few Kindle "packages" where they put Stevenson books together for one small price, too.  They include:

The Bel Lamington Novels (two books) were very hard to locate for a long time.  I was so happy to see them come out as a package for the Kindle at such a small price.  Both are wonderful and in them we get a glimpse of old friends from the above series of books.

Info... here.

The Novels of D. E. Stevenson is a bundled set of three stand alone books including Still Guides the Stream, Blue Sapphire, and The House on the Cliff.  I haven't read them but I did recently purchase the Kindle package to have them available.

Info... here.

The first Stevenson book I read was Miss Buncle's Book, a very amusing light hearted look at what happens in a village when a book is published that seems to be talking about real life people in that village.  No one suspects Miss Buncle as the writer. This is a book to read if you need cheering up!  A sequel is Miss Buncle Married, which I liked but I loved Miss Buncle's Book.  

InfoMiss Buncle's Book... here and Miss Buncle Married... here.

There are other excellent D. E. Stevenson books but I need to get on to some other authors.  ;)

I was going to add quite a few books here but this is already long.  I will add more next week!

I was asked if there are any books similar to one of my favorites called An Everlasting Meal.  (If you haven't read it, do so soon!)  There is one similar that I purchased many years ago for the Kindle (the hardback was expensive).  It sounds like a downer but it isn't at all.  It is called The Feast Nearby.  The subtitle is: How I lost my job, buried a marriage, and found my way by keeping chickens, foraging, preserving, bartering, and eating locally (all on $40 a week).

I have read all of this book twice and parts of it a few times.  Like An Everlasting Meal, it provides a lot of thought about how we can eat healthier and cheaper by learning to cook and paying attention to our food.  Although the author is not a person of faith,  it is a very interesting story of how one can be on top of the world one day and have their entire world change overnight... and how that change ends up making her life much better as she learned a new way of living and cooking. It also takes place in Western Michigan, close to where we lived when my daughter was growing up.

InfoAn Everlasting Meal... here and The Feast Nearby... here.

Would you believe a book I stole borrowed from my daughter's library is what sent me down the path of stalking Jonathan Edwards?  It is called Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper (wife of John Piper). Her chapter on Sarah Edwards was life changing.  She writes about many women of faith who can inspire us in these difficult times.  I highly recommend it and really should buy one to replace my daughter's copy someday.

InfoFaithful Women & Their Extraordinary God... here.

I plan to be back next week with some more of my favorites to read to "take me away from it all".

Disclaimer:  Most links to are Associate links.

Note:  Please forgive any typos as I'm trying to write as fast as possible while my internet is acting odd (our poor rural DSL server is getting a lot of strain these days).

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BeBe said...

We call it "joint custody" when I take books from my girls, or they inherit books from me that are likely to be recalled sometime in the future when the mood strikes. I wanted the Grandkids to have availability of our huge sets of L'Amour, Anne McCaffery, and Cussler so they have had them for the last 10-15 years, and lately we've been borrowing them back to re-read. Works! LOL

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I just bought and have begun reading The Feast Nearby and am really enjoying it, Brenda. Thank you so much for the recommendation....OTH, I have all of DEStevenson's books and Goudge, too...And most of them on my Kindle, too.

Vee said...

Thank you for discussing all these great options. I am once more intrigued by Vittoria Cottage, Winter, Rough Weather, and Music in the Hills, not necessarily in that order. It will have to be very light reading because my focus is bouncing these days. I want to be online more often than usual, yet internet availability is sketchy. Happy reading!

Suzan said...

Thank you for sharing. Our libraries closed at midday and won't be open until June 30th. I was able to Kate out about 75 books to see us through. Mum can borrow books on her new iPad but they don'e support Kindle. SO I may well need to chase some of your choices.

Go bless and keep you safe.

Deanna Rabe said...

I’m going to have to check out the DE Stevenson links. I’ve read some of her books and enjoyed them! I have An Everlasting Meal, so the information about the other book is interesting too!

I’m sure you know Audible is making many books free right now because kids are home from school. I’m going to look there for some favorites!

Mama Squirrel said...

Bel Lamington: OK, done, and thank you! D.E. Stevenson is, somehow and I don't know the exact connection, a distant cousin. I hardly ever see her books at thrift stores, although I do have Sarah's Cottage.

hopeinbrazil said...

Brenda, I've been reading and enjoying your blog posts for years. I have read them all even the ones that I thought would never apply to me like how to stock up for emergencies (because we have no natural disasters in Brazil). But then... the Corona Virus. I'm so glad for all I have learned from you! Although the panic here is nothing like in the U.S., grocery stores are limiting the numbers of items you can purchase. Thanks to you, I knew already what items to buy to get us through at least 2 weeks of necessity. So thankful that water and electricity are not issues in this case. Blessings on you!

Anonymous said...

Since some don't check emails seems to be the older way of commnicating now..text is the "in" thing. So I just wanted to let you know I have emailed you if you will check it. Thank you. Blessings, Sharon

Heather LeFebvre said...

I thought this time would give me more time to read but suddenly I'm feeling a bit anxious that I'm having less time -- probably because I'm allowing myself to sleep in and my kids are around 24/7 and I'm cooking a lot, spending time with them, etc. "Goudge Lite" is such a great description of DE!!! ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book ideas. My teenage girls and I LOVE D.E. Stevenson books! I especially appreciate that they are clean - not always easy to find these days, even in Christian romances! One of our absolute favorites of Stevenson is The Young Clementina. And, of course we love the Miss Buncle books as well - and one that roughly follows called The Four Graces. I will be on the lookout for the Bel Lamington titles. -Joy