Thursday, August 22, 2019

My Kind of Annual Explanation of the Amazon Disclaimer Notice

I think long time readers know that I am legally bound to add the Disclaimer to any links going to Amazon.  I can't add an explanation to the Amazon widget so I must once again remind you of these important announcements.

First of all, I thank everyone who enters their Amazon shopping through a link or the widget on the sidebar for I earn a small amount on most purchases made at that time.  It does not cost me anything but the time required to insert links and widget stuff and it adds nothing to the cost of your purchase.

You do not have to buy the object in the link or widget, it can only be used to enter the Amazon website and you can go on to whatever you want to purchase.  Of course, you can purchase the item on the link or widget and go on to any other shopping if you desire.

The credit I earn blesses me very much and allows me to make some purchases I would not be able to otherwise.  Sometimes it blesses my family when they receive birthday and Christmas gifts purchased with credit. 

This blessing is extended when I go through a dear friend's blog to use a widget to enter Amazon for using my earned credit each month.  Thank you very much. !!!

Okay, now I am legal once again.  Well, at least concerning links and widgets.  ;)


Vee said...

It is a fun thing to help a friend out, especially when it is so easy. My problem is that the widget in your sidebar is not always working. For example, today, all I see are the words “Amazon widget,” but there is no place to click. Weird! Perhaps this goes hand in hand with not being able to post a comment on some blogs.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Good thing, Brenda....It made me smile remembering when Paul was a consultant for the Dept. of Defense. Every year he had to sign a paper saying that our bathrooms (in our home, where he did this work) were not segregated.