Thursday, August 29, 2019

Book Talk

I've been thinking this week about books that revive our faith when we need a little encouragement now and then.  Sometimes they have come to me at just the right time, often they were already on one of my book shelves.

I was feeling quite stressed earlier in the week so I opened the Kindle and it was already on the book I had recently purchased on sale for the Kindle at only 99 cents.  It is a small, easy to read book called Enough by Helen Roseveare that I had been reading and it was perfectly timed that day.  In this small book, she reminds us that in Christ, we have enough of everything we need already.

I knew of Roseveare from her story as a missionary doctor in the Congo who had been kidnapped and assaulted by what we would now call terrorists.  Her story is a fascinating story of faith and endurance in terrible circumstances but amazingly she decided to return to the Congo once she had healed from her captivity.  She stayed on the mission field as long as possible and passed away only a few years ago in her early 90s.

I purchased the Kindle book because I had heard her speak online and she was one of the primary contributors to a book I keep on my desk to read off and on called Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints... edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor.  It is one of my "lifeline" books.

I can't tell you how many times I have pulled Stand from between bookends on my desk.  Rarely have I read the entire book but I often read one of the chapters or the Q&A section in the back of the book.  Each writer shares how they have endured through the years in Christ and for Him.  Such encouragement they provide for their fellow sojourner.

I have often recommended Edith Schaeffer's autobiography called The Tapestry for people who need to realize this life is a marathon and not a sprint.  In it, she shares their story and how God was weaving that tapestry before they were born that would lead to the L'Abri ministry.  It is not a quick read but it never fails to remind me that, even in our darkest times, God is at work in our life for our good and His glory.

Another book that sits on my desk is The Strength You Need: The Twelve Great Strength Passages of the Bible by Robert Morgan.  I read it to review and immediately knew it would be one of my "lifeline" books to grab and read when I felt I was going under for the third time.  Except the message helps me stay afloat by reminding me that God is the strength I need.  This is such a good Bible based book by one who lives daily needing His strength.

There are many more on my bookshelves and I will revisit the subject soon.  I am completely out of time this morning.  Oh, I should also mention here that when I begin to feel anxiety, I often reread a favorite work of fiction.  Just recently, I reread The Heart of the Family by Elizabeth Goudge for it speaks to my soul every time as Sebastian faces suffering while increasing in newly found faith.

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Vee said...

Well that’s what you do, but I am just as likely to arrive here looking for comforts in discouraging or stressful times. Thank you for sharing your heart. God is good; He can be nothing less. I’m returning to bed for an afternoon nap having had a breakfast—lunch of comforting scrambled eggs and jam on toast. I am scouting around for a good podcast to listen to. Have a blessed day, Brenda.

Vee said...

Okay, that was quick...zipped over to Sally Clarkson and found from two days ago: Surviving Dark Nights of the Soul...yup...that’s the one.

Morning's Minion said...

For many years when I have felt too tired for a new book or to do much of anything for a day or so, I take down old favorites such as the Elliot trilogy. I know the plots and the characters, but usually some phrase catches my attention anew. Its a stabilizing ritual when I am lacking in energy and enthusiasm to be creative.

Terra said...

I appreciate this post and will buy Stand, it sounds like a great encourager to read.

Debbie V. said...

Thank you for posting. These days my Christianity is bare bones. I read The Tapestry decades ago and felt a kindred spirit in Edith Schaeffer. I need that again.

Nancy said...

My go to book for depressing/down times is "A Very Good Marriage", by Tom Mullen. Tom was a wonderful Quaker humorist. Not sure why this book is a comfort as it is about the death of his first wife. Plus, their marriage was nothing like mine. Nothing! I bought my copy from Friends United Press. I'm not Quaker but do like reading some of their books.

I've always wondered if your faith would be as strong and uninhibited if you went to church. Do you ever receive communion?