Saturday, December 29, 2018

Some Christmas DVD Suggestions

I was asked to share some more of my favorite Christmas DVDs so I'm sharing today those that (mostly) are older and may not be available for long.  There are a few newer favorites, too.

I have learned that having favorite movies and TV series actually on the shelf is about the same as purchasing very favorite books... they are available when I have time to watch them.  Not to mention that some DVDs tend to have a purchase shelf life and then either become unavailable or ridiculously expensive.

So here are some of my favorite (and reasonably priced) Christmas DVDs.

I will then share some non-Christmas favorites in January.  For the sake of brevity, I'm sharing mostly those films that are not as famous.  For instance, I love The Bishop's Wife but it shows up on a lot of lists!

If you are a Tasha Tudor fan, then her Christmas DVD called Take Peace will bring a smile.  Tasha takes us through her home and shares her Christmas traditions with us in her very soothing manner.  Info... here.  (The DVD is still $29.00 but the Prime Video price is only $1.99.)

Avonlea was one of my all time favorite TV shows.  Someday I would love to own the series and then loan it a season at a time to my grandchildren in New England.  An Avonlea Christmas is a DVD we can own at a far less price than the entire seasons. It takes place during WWI and the characters we have come to love are dealing with the affects of the war (but it is not as gloomy as it sounds).  I think in Canada the movie is called Happy Christmas, Miss Hetty.  Info... here.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is not only enjoyable but if you are my age, you probably watched it with your kids when they were little.  All the original cast is in this movie.  Honestly, it can bring tears to my eyes.  Some of our favorite lines from any movie (this was an hour long special episode, I believe) are in this movie.  Including Big Bird saying that he "thinks he froze his giblets".  You don't need small children at home to watch this!  Info... here.

The Christmas Romance is also from decades past, starring Olivia Newton-John and Gregory Harrison.  It has mixed reviews probably for the reasons I like it.  It is not flashy.  It is very family friendly.  It shows the value of slow living among friends who help each other as opposed to lots of flash and glam.  It makes me smile.  Info... here.

John Denver's The Christmas Gift is another oldie but goodie.  Denver plays a widower whose boss demands him visit a charming town where the people are friendly and love the Holidays during Christmas season.  They don't know he is there to purchase land for a big development.  Of course, he and his daughter come to quickly love the town and the woman Postmaster.  His eyes are open to what a development would do to the small town and to the environment and everything else one would imagine from a John Denver film.  But it is such a joy to watch.  Happy ending guaranteed.  Info... here.

BBC Holiday Comedy & Drama Gift Set is a compilation of Christmas episodes from some favorite British shows.  It has enough episodes from shows that I like to make it worth purchasing.  Some of these comedies have shall we say... potty humor?... but if you have watched them before there is nothing shocking.  The dramas include a Christmas episode from All Creatures Great and Small as well as the only Christmas episode from Lark Rise to Candleford. Info... here.

Okay, I can almost guarantee none of you have this Christmas movie on your shelves.  It is called Ice Quake and it is a Christmas disaster movie that is actually very good!  If you like disaster movies where families come together and Christmas movies, this is your fun movie to watch.  Info... here.

I mentioned earlier The Bishop's Wife.  If you love charming old movies, then it doesn't get any better than this.  Info... here.

As for favorite Hallmark Christmas movies... here are a few:

The Nine Lives of Christmas is a Hallmark movie that I mentioned previously.  I think for anyone who understands the way a pet can bring joy to your life, this is a must watch movie.  My husband and I keep wondering how they got the cats to "behave"!  The story is believable and warms the heart.  Info... here.

Let It Snow is probably my favorite Candice Cameron Bure Christmas movie (and there are a lot!).  It is somewhat the familiar formula of an executive who finds love for both Christmas and a man over a week's time but it works.  I love the scenes with the man's mother, who teaches the Bure character about what Christmas means to her (and how to bake!).  Info... here.  I just noticed this DVD has come down in price for the first time... ever!

Christmas in Evergreen is also a basic formula... woman thinking of leaving her Christmas loving hometown, meets widower and his daughter at the airport, ends up bringing them back to her town when the flight gets cancelled.  Etc.  However, this is a somewhat believable plot and all the characters are enjoyable.   Info... here.

I have other DVDs on my shelf but this is probably enough for now.

Disclaimer:  Most links to are Associate links.

Image I did remember to photograph the Christmas cabin before packing it away as requested.  I mentioned that I bought it very cheap at the garage sale of a person who owned a gift shop.  Perhaps twenty years ago?  The workmanship is exquisite. 

The only thing wrong with it that made it a "second" was that the chain that held the swing on the front porch was broken.  So I simply glued the swing to the floor of the porch and made it a bench.  The back of the cabin is flat so it fits nicely on a shelf for display.  I drape a necklace that has Christmas bulbs on it over the roof to make it even more festive.


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

There are several movies on your list that I’m unfamiliar with, but some I know and like! Off to check them out!

Vee said...

I have been happily watching the Christmas movies that, before Christmas, I had no time for. I was describing one (from Amazon Prime for free) and my sister wrinkled up her forehead and asked, "But would The Lord send her father back as a ghost?" I assured her that I certainly didn't think so, but it was just a movie for crying out loud. Would The Lord send Jacob Marley as a ghost to torment Scrooge? Ha! That movie, The Man Who Created Christmas, was interesting and I liked seeing Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens. I think that I am in the mood for a calming Tasha Tudor Christmas and, at $1.99, I might be able to afford it. ☺

Anonymous said...

OH, Thank-you for posting a photo of your sweet, little log house! I Love it! Have you really packed it away already? We leave our decorations up until New Year’s. It’s not nearly as fun packing it all away as it is to decorate! And the house looks so drab afterwards!
Love all your DVD recmendations! And I was thrilled to discover they have some of our old favorites at affordable prices on DVD! Would you believe we actually have The Christmas Gift and The Christmas Romance taped on VHS!! I haven’t watched them in Ages! And I loved the Avonlea series too! These are all such good recommendations! Thank-you so Much!
Blessings for the New Year!
Laura C. (WA)

MillersBend said...

I love the cabin, and thank you for the reviews of the movies. I like you find that when a movie gets a low review it suits me fine. It is hard to find things to watch that are family geared. A movie can be great without all the junk they try to fill it with. You Have a wonderful day.

Charlene in Virginia said...

Just wanted you to know that even though I never comment - I'm out here reading and absorbing your words. They are appreciated. I'm anxious to hear your word for the New Year. I've stopped making resolutions and starting using your concept of a new word each year. Last year, my word was Grace - grace for myself and grace for everyone else. I'll confess I've haven't always succeeded in granting grace but it has helped me tremendously to have that word in front of me. For 2019, I've thought about several words - ponder, study, and mindful were at the top of the list. I've decided to let the word be Study. I want to study the scriptures, study more about my professions (I'm an optician), and study more about homesteading (at least the things that I can do around here to be more self-sufficient.). Thanks again for the inspiration to have a word for 2019. said...

Yes, I have a few of those movies. The Avonlea Christmas DVD was a present from my husband a few years ago. Just watched "Let it Snow". Will have to check out the others.
Enjoy your "break" and keep sipping that hot tea!
I'll be working on a winter puzzle while my husband watches the Ohio State game today!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this list - it is very helpful! There are several here we've never heard of. Going to look into them. That cabin is so cute - I'd leave it out all winter! -Joy