Saturday, February 10, 2018


Blogger is having some issues.  I've gone to the forum and I see that others are receiving the same error message.

If it clears up soon, I will publish a Living the Pantry Lifestyle post today.


Judy said...

I'm so pleased to read that you are going to do your scrapbook journalling again, Brenda. I always enjoyed a peak at your artistry when you used to share some years ago.

I'm in the midst of a significant downsizing within a very short time frame and I'm finding the process quite mentally/emotionally exhausting! Yesterday, I was thinking about why it can be so hard to part with things, and I realize they often represent love in our lives - things we enjoyed purchasing for our children when they were small, items brought back from a much anticipated and appreciated family holiday, books that we shared or which ministered to us in some profound way in one of life's seasons, gifts from friends loved... Perhaps we are afraid that in giving up the object, a memory might also be lost.

And yet, there is the reality that even physical life itself is a temporal thing... so that even our 'treasures' need to be held somewhat loosely.

Happy journalling. said...

Yea, happy to hear that you'll start this back up again! You have so many new tapes to use for your beautiful pages.