Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Life Giving Table: Nurturing Faith through Feasting, One Meal at a Time

When I first heard the title of Sally Clarkson's new book, I could not wait to read it!  A book about creating a legacy for our families and others through providing a lovely table, good food, baked goods, and conversation through the years... it sounded quite wonderful.

I'm happy, although  not surprised, to find the book not only met expectations but even surpassed them.  Each chapter is full of information, easy to understand, and easy to incorporate into our own families.  The book is almost as good as having Sally sit with us, sipping a cup of tea and sharing ideas.

I love that Sally has shared two chapters about celebrating Christmas together.  Including their Shepherds' Meal for Christmas Eve that she has written about in other books and the Christmas Tea which she has also written about before.  Now we have the recipes!

Chapters Include:
Disciples Around My Table: The Feasting-Faith Connection
Tableology: Biblical and Spiritual Foundations for Faith by Feasting (by Clay Clarkson!)
If My Table Could Talk: Discovering a Vision for Table Discipleship
This is Who We Are: Shaping a Family Culture around the Table
Table Talk: The Gift of Dinnertime Conversations
An Anchor For Your Week: Starting Your Sundays Right
Fun, Faith, and Feasting: Celebrating Everyday Discipleship
Living Out Grace: Possibilities for Easy Feasting
Blessing Feasts: Making the Most of Milestones
Teatime Discipleship: The  Power of One-on-One
The Gift of Us: A Famuily Day Celebration
Stepping Into the Story: A Shepherds' Meal for Christmas Eve
Creacting Kindred Spirits: A Christmas Tea for Friends Old and New
Lifegiving on the Go: Cultivating an Influence to Last a Lifetime

The book also contains Table Conversation Starters and a Recipe Index.

This book will be read over and over for enjoyment as well as gleaning good ideas and recipes.  It is a perfect gift for the women in your world.  I can see it wrapped and under the Christmas tree for daughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, friends, and yourself!

Further information about The Life Giving Table is provided... here.

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Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I agree! This is how we've gone about discipling our own children and others. Food and time together at the table!

I am going to get the book for myself and then probably for others as gifts! I want all my kids to have this book!

Vee said...

Between you and Deanna, I really want to order this book. For me. Ha!

Heather LeFebvre said...

Very excited about this book and finally decided to order :) You know I almost never order a book, even my favorite books. :) Can't wait to read it!!!!! Love your mug!!! Last year a friend found me a holly teapot to go with my holly teacups but I keep remembering that it was a Friendly Village teapot and then having to remind myself no, not Friendly Village. ha ha ha!

Carolyn S. said...

A cookbook I thought you might like: English Tea & Cakes by Celia Brooks