Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Amazon Associate's Program - How I earn credit

I've been asked again how I earn credit from the Associate's program so it is a good time to write it out again.  This time I'll make it into a Page under the blog header and keep it legal since I am required to remind you all of it constantly.

I earn credit a few different ways:
  1. When you click on a link to Amazon I've provided and make an immediate purchase.
  2. When you come back to the blog and enter your Amazon shopping by clicking on any link or on a product in the Amazon widget at the sidebar.  You do not have to purchase the item you click on to take you to Amazon.
  3. When you click on the Amazon Gift Card widget to either purchase a gift card or to reload your gift card.
I only receive a small percentage for each purchase but it adds up nicely.  Even small purchases make a difference as the more items are purchased through one's blog, the higher the percentage goes up. 

The most credit I receive (other than when someone make a BIG purchase that takes my breath away) from Amazon comes from the purchase or reload of gift cards through that widget on the sidebar.  Go figure.  I only put it there for your convenience and it has blessed me!

It costs neither of us anything but some extra time since you need to return to the blog before shopping Amazon.  It costs me time to set it up and keep it going but that's fine.  I don't want anything flashy on Coffee Tea Books and Me and Amazon is a good fit since they sell coffee.  And books.  And tea.

When I make a purchase with credit, I always go to a good friend's blog.  I think I'm probably the only one that has ordered Mountain House freeze dried pouches through her widget.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time.  It is a great blessing.  Oh, and while I know what is purchased... it never shows me who purchased an item.  So your purchases are quite private.


Vee said...

You once thanked a reader for purchasing a sewing machine. And here I thought all along that you knew it was I who was being so spendy! It was a gift to myself with my inheritance money...a gift that keeps on giving. I try to remember to use the Amazon widget since I am going to be shopping anyway, but I confess to forgetting sometimes. I am very glad that it helps in some way.

mdoe37 said...

Well thank heavens the purchases are private......I ought to send you my Amazon statement for a year...lol. I live about 20 miles outside of Grand Rapids and sometimes (most times) it doesn't pay to drive in and shop around as the stores never have what I want. Wasted gas (especially when it was $4 a gallon and wasted time) I do at least 75% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon......

and then there was that new rifle scope.....Really! No one in the area had one!


They were sqwaking about having to charge sales tax now and that Amazon sales would go down here in Michigan....not for me. Its made absolutely no difference. No hassle and the UPS guy thanks me for keeping him employed. win win

And when I purchase something from Amazon, the husband ALWAYS asks if I do it on "that lady's" account so she gets credit. Yup, and I have highjacked all of my mother's purchases as well.

I'm getting ready to cut loose on an electric pressure canner by Chard.....I just listened to The Survival Podcast yesterday and he swears by it for small batch canning. Since I have far less ambition than I used to....gonna have one. The thought on being able to can up those couple extra quarts of soup appeals to me...rather than making gallons to fire up the regular canner.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I'm happy for this opportunity to help you in this small way, that adds up!